Saberback is a Predacon from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Hihowareya! Hihowareya! Hihowareya!

Saberback is a mysterious warrior. His origins are shadowy at the very best. All anyone does know is that he is a warrior not to be taken lightly. He is an expert in black magic and can create deadly illusions and spells. He is evil to the core and his wizardry reflects it. Saberback prefers to remain hidden during battle and perform his trickery from a safe place. This makes him difficult to locate by the enemy. One of his favorite hobbies outside of sorcery is the constant berating of the Predacon Sling.


Beast Wars Neo animationEdit

Voice actor: Kazuki Yao (Japanese)

Beast Wars Neo mangaEdit

IDW Beast Wars comicsEdit

During one of Magmatron's astral journeys, Saberback was seen punching Dirgegun and getting punched by Killerpunch. The Ascending #1

He lies a lot. It's like a way of life for him. Beast Wars Sourcebook


  • Saberback
  • Acessories: Tail
Japanese ID number: D-30, VS-30
Saberback transforms into a Stegosaurus. In robot mode,he looks like a Red Indian.He has a tail which kinda captures things if triggered. He has a "flower mode" which is said to lure enemies to it before Saberback attacks. In the cartoon, it's deceptive, but toywise it's another matter entirely.

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