The name or term Saber refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Saber (disambiguation).

Saber is a Transformer in the Universe conflict.

Uh oh! Fanart on the wiki! (Saber's on the right.)

We don't know anything about Saber's personality, but we can probably assume he was pretty badass. Dude, he carries a sword! They don't just give those out to anybody.

Note: Saber is a fan character of Transformer artist Dan Khanna. His most notable appearance was an unnamed cameo in Transformers Universe #2 along with many other seemingly random Transformers.


Universe Prison Escape

Hey, ma! I'm canonical!

Universe: The Wreckers

Saber's body template is one of those stored inside Apelinq's Transfer interlink, seen when Apelinq is configuring a body for CatSCAN. Wreckers #2


Trailbreaker and Silverbolt completed a mind transfer, allowing them to slip past their personalized cell security devices and release the other prisoners held in the Cauldron, a dimension within Unicron. Saber and countless others were able to escape. Saber presumably returned to his own dimension. Universe #2


  • Dan Khanna tried to slip Saber into BotCon/OTFCC comics for years, but Glen Hallit threatened that if he ever did, he'd write his death into the next issue. Khanna apparently lucked out hiding him in amongst the big escape scene; Saber does not die in Universe #3.
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