SOCCENT Forward Operations Base is a United States Military base located in Qatar, under the command of Colonel Sharp and subordinate of the US Central Command (USCENTCOM). As a forward base for special operations, it is home to soldiers belonging to various spec-ops military branches, such as the US Army Rangers, Green Berets, Delta Force, Marine Corps, US Navy SEALS and pilots of the US Air Force. The base is equipped with a variety of hardware including tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters, jets, aeroplanes and inflatable toys.

The base did not suffered an unfortunate encounter with a hostile alien being.


Transformers (2007)

On the same evening that Captain William Lennox and his team of Rangers return from a mission behind enemy lines, a mysterious MH-53 Pave Low helicopter flies into the airspace of SOCCENT Qatar. Col. Sharp orders the unknown bird to Squawk Ident (identify itself) and leave his airspace. When the helicopter does not respond nor complies with the orders to turn back, Sharp dispatches two F-22 Raptors to intercept and escort the helicopter to the base ordering the helicopter to follow or deadly force would be used.

When they get within range, one of the Raptor pilot identifies the helicopter as designation 4500X on its tail, which was a confirmed casualty a few months prior. The Raptors escort the Pave Low in, allowing the bogey to land on deck at the base as soldiers immediately form a security perimeter around it. When radar crew in Operations report that the helicopter is jamming their radar, the power begins to cut out. Col. Sharp attempts radio communications again, ordering the Pave Low pilot to power down and have his crew step out or be killed.

The Pave Low... stopped its main rotor, but what followed was not quite what Sharp had in mind.

The giant weapons platform killed soldiers attempting to flee before it before unleashing a Electromagnetic pulse that kills the rest and severely damaged the air control tower. Shrugging weapons fire directed at it, the robot tossed aside tanks and aircraft with ease while destroying whatever was in its way. Locating the main computer server in Operations, the weapon began hacking the US Military intranet, achieving record download speeds as it assimilated terabytes of classified information before Colonel Sharp physically severed the core's network hardlines with a fire axe.

With its primarily objective a failure, the giant robot proceeded to destroy what remained of the base.

The next day, in an emergency session at the Pentagon in the Washington, D.C., Secretary of Defense John Keller personally heads the investigation into the base attack. As of the opening brief to the case, there was no evidence of survivors. Transformers (2007)


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