Ryan O’Brien is a rhyming human in the Dreamwave portion of the Generation One continuity family.
You can't see me!

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Ryan O'Brien may be the only honest cop in Las Vegas. His stubborn refusal to go on the take probably explains his shitty apartment with nailed-up curtains.

His six-year old niece once gave him a key-ring with a puffin on it.


Dreamwave Comics

Ryan O'Brien is disturbed by the $10,000 paid to each member of the Las Vegas Police Department by the Decepticons- he considers it a bribe, albeit a legal one. He's more disturbed to learn his wife Ginny used part of the money to buy herself a diamond toe-ring.

Ginny isn't the only one being changed by the Decepticons influence. Ryan's partner Phil Brodaker has been pimped out with Decepticon technology; a pair of wristbands that generate a personal forcefield. Soundwave and is casettes are blanketing the city, identifying crimes and assisting police, the Decepticons are alright in his book!

Only the enigmatic officer Buckingham seems to agree, he wants Ryan to meet him at the Palms Grayson Hotel to start planning the resistance.

When Ryan notices the media was called before a customer at the Mirage casino ran amok with augmented weapons, he suspects Starscream arranged for it to happen, distracting people with choreographed spectacle.

However, when the newly volatilized game of cops-and-robbers explodes, Ryan is trapped in a gang battle, certain to die. He is saved by the Decepticon Ravage, and realizes he doesn't care about any of that, the Decepticons have his gratitude.

Determined to help his new Decepticon overlords, Ryan agrees to Buckingham's meeting, intending to infiltrate his anti-Decepticon group and bring them down from the inside.

Unfortunately, when he showed up, they beat him to death. Turns out they were also Decepticon sympathizers out to get rid of troublemakers. Hardwired


Associated Characters

Ginny O'Brien

Ginny is the real deal. Blond, stacked, a free spirit with killer curves, she listens to Lilith Fare and works at a supermarket to pay for her degree in marine biology.

Ginny met Ryan because she's obsessed with Puffins, and thought his dorky keychain was a profound expression of self-confidence for a man. They dated, they clicked, they married. Ginny keeps a Warhol-style quaternity of irritated Puffins above their couch, and continues to collect more puffin memorabilia.

Ginny loves and admires her husband's strong moral center... on the other hand, she's also kinda tired of eating a Burger Slime because they can't afford anything better and secretly wishes he'd take just a little bribe money.


Violet ("Vi") is an even-tempered black lab belonging to the O'Briens.

They feed and love her, and she makes the apartment smell like dog.


Butch is going to hook Ryan up with a lot of King Puffin memorabilia he found on e-bay.

This is probably not Butch Witwicky. He's seems to be a member of the Vegas PD.

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