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In [[Lockout]], Steeljaw was enraged Russell had escaped and referred to him as "''smaller one''".
In [[Lockout]], Steeljaw was enraged Russell had escaped and referred to him as "''smaller one''".
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This is Russell Clay's interaction with other characters in Transformers: Robots in Disguise.



Denny ClayEdit

Denny is Russell's biological father.

At first, Russell was not too thrilled about staying by his father's scrapyard. After they met up with the Autobots and captured Underbite, Russell and Denny appeared more closer. In some occasions, they would be together to help their Autobot friends.

In Similarly Different, after Denny's snoring kept Russell from sleeping, Denny offered to build Russell a place to stay right next to Denny that way they could be neighbors in the scrapyard. Denny's attempts made Russell fear he would "Denny style" it up, which soon resulted in Denny accidentally destroying the RV he had set up for Russell but Russell worked with his dad in fixing up the RV. When they were finished, Russell completes the trailer with a disco ball, which Russell, Denny, and Fixit began to dance to.

Though while his mother is away as a father, Denny cares the most about Russell, protects and provides for him through his devotion and love for his son.



Russell met with Butch in More than Meets the Eye. Butch semi-recognized Russell as "the kid who lived in the junkyard", and invited him to join the game, then he introduced him to Hank. Hank was displeased at Butch for revealing to Russell that her real name was Henrietta, and ribbed him by claiming his real name was Cynthia. Though the trio lost their first attempt at football, Butch, Russell and Hank later successfully beat their opponents in a rematch.

In One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing, Butch hassled Russell for not catching a pass and at Hank's nudging, Russell stood up for himself and Butch realized his mistake as he promised the next throw would be perfect.


Russell met with Hank (calling name since seems to hate when Butch call her by her real name) when Russell came to play with them at a football field. At first, Russell was not having a fun time but Hank checked on Russell frequently to convince him into not quitting and trying his best on the team.

In One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing, Hank gave Russell advise and backed him up in standing up to himself when Butch hassled Russell for missing a throw that Butch threw too high. Russell thanked Hank and she merely wanted him to pay it forward, which came handy when Russell helped settle a conflict with Jetstorm and Drift.

In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Hank gave Russell a Bronko Kowalski card over the scrapyard's gate since Russell claimed they were spraying for bugs, which Hank concluded Russell was weird.

Hank appears to like and care for Russell as friend but it is unknown if she has feelings for him.


Russell met up with Sideswipe when they both encountered each other and Underbite. Sideswipe protected Russell from Underbite and soon they both helped lead Underbite away from Crown City with bait.

Since then, Sideswipe and Russell have developed a partnership and a friendship that is quite similar to Smokescreen and Jack Darby. They both care, protect one another as friends and they like pranks.


Russell met up with Bumblebee in Pilot (Part 1). Bumblebee prevented Russell from getting in danger with Underbite, but Russell went to attend to his dad anyway.  

Bumblebee cares for Russell's safety and respects him as a friend. They became good friends when the team settled in the scrapyard and Bumblebee has always looked out for Russell the most.


In Pilot (Part 1), Russell met with Strongarm where the latter was poked by Strongarm when she wondered what humans looked like by gently poking his head.

Strongarm seems to admire Russell, since she has an interesting liking to humans.

She protects, cares and sees Russell as interesting human and friend.


Russell and Fixit appear to have a close relationship. Fixit seems to act like a role model to Russell and would show him new things that Russell would find interesting or not.

In Rumble in the Jungle, Russell, Grimlock and Sideswipe helped settle a feud between Denny and Fixit.

Above all, Fixit deeply cares, protects and has a closer friendship with Russell.


In More than Meets the Eye, Grimlock gave Russell some advice and guidance. 

In True Colors, Russell believed Grimlock was being controlled by someone when Grimlock started to attack every Autobot. Russell's belief was correct and when Grimlock was proved innocent, he happily hugged Russell and Sideswipe, which Russell had a little hard time breathing due to Grimlock hugging them tightly (even when Russell had a little hard time breathing during the tight hug).

In Rumble in the Jungle, Russell fist bumped with Grimlock and Sideswipe when they solved a conflict between Fixit and Denny.

Grimlock appears like an older brother figure to Russell.


At first, Russell stood for Jetstorm and Slipstream to Drift. Even when Jetstorm came back to Earth, Russell defended him from Drift, even nearly to go as far to scold at Drift but was prevented by Jetstorm and Slipstream from doing so. However, Russell gave Drift a reason to listen to Jetstorm, which worked successfully.

Russell and Drift reconciled when Drift remained on Earth and they became friends.

Jetstorm and SlipstreamEdit

Russell stood up for both Jetstorm and Slipstream to Drift. They both appear to respect, care and look up to Russell, which they would refer to Russell as "commander".


While they have little to no interaction, they appear to be well connected allies.

In Battlegrounds, Part 2, Windblade complimented Russell, Denny, and Fixit on "taking down" Fracture.

Optimus PrimeEdit

In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Russell remembered Optimus's voice from Pilot (Part 2) when Optimus came back from the Realm of the Primes in a new body. Russell was impressed when Optimus defeated Fracture and his Mini-Cons. Then he persuaded Optimus into letting him and Denny come along to clear the humans from the fight and provide cover for the Autobots. Optimus agreed and the Autobots emerged victorious in battle.



Russell appears to dislike Steeljaw the most.

In Trust Exercises, Steeljaw called Russell stranged and Russell deflected the comment back at Steeljaw.

In Lockout, Steeljaw was enraged Russell had escaped and referred to him as "smaller one".

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