Run-Over is a Unicron-allied Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
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Run-Over is one of the personal attendants of Nemesis Prime. Like Nemesis, he appears to be little more than a near-mindless clone (using the Mini-Con Over-Run as a template), whose sole purpose is to destroy. Though weaker than Nemesis, he shares many of the same abilities, including the ability to assume trans-phase mode to repair damage or teleport.

Japanese name: Sweep


Micron Legend: Linkage mini-comics

Run-Over is seen in rifle mode only, being used by Nemesis Prime during one of his planet-destroying missions. Linkage Part 11



  • Nemesis Prime with Run-Over (Deluxe, 2003)
A redeco of the Mini-Con Over-Run, Run-Over transforms into a Cybertronic spacefighter. He also has a third transformation, forming a rifle that can be held by any toy that uses 5mm ports to mount accessories. He was only available with his larger partner Nemesis Prime.
In Japan, Nemesis and Run-Over were only available as a mail-away exclusive to Tele-V Magazine, limited to 5000 pieces. Due to gang-molding issues, "Sweep" shares the same plastic changes as "Scourge" does from Nemesis Prime; namely he is a metallic silver rather than sandy-tan. He also has additional purple paint on his wings, which Run-Over lacks.


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