This article is about the Autobot Action Master. For the Decepticon cassette, see Rumble (G1).

Rumbler is an Autobot Action Master in the Generation One continuity fmaily.
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Rumbler is called on in times of major crisis to form a line of defense against the Decepticons. His massive heavily-armored exo-suit roams the battlefield, impervious to enemy firepower, punding and mauling all attackers who cross its path.

Rumbler is blue. And green.


Generation One

  • Rumbler (Action Master, 1991)
Rumbler himself is a redeco of Sprocket, and therefore a non-transforming Action figure that is compatible with all other Action Master vehicles and weapons. He comes with a 4WD All-Terrain Vehicle that can transform into an armoured Exo-suit, which itself is a redeco of the similar vehicle that comes with Slicer (who was published at the same time), albeit with remolded weaponry.

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