The Rumbledome is a huge stadium in Crown City where it is primarily used for demolition derby and monster-machine deathmatche purposes. It also makes a great location for demolishing Decepticons. It's located adjacent to the refinery and it was managed by Farnum before his arrest.


Season 1

Headlock and Groundpounder were drawn to the Rumbledome when they saw an advertisement for the heavy-metal rumble. They arrived as Truckaladon was demolished by Casey in Mechanosaurus, and entered Groundpounder in the tournament. Groundpounder made a short work of Mechanosaurus, however the Autobots spied what was going on. During this fight, Headlock helped Groundpounder take out Mechanosaurus and they both received permanent spots in the show by the manager. Grimlock entered and fought Groundpounder with Denny Clay, who was posing as his driver. Headlock soon intervened when it seemed like Groundpounder was losing. However Fixit was able to take on Headlock by using his moves and with some wrestling tips from Fixit, Grimlock was soon able to defeat Groundpounder. Though the Rumbledome was partially demolished in the process and the crowd, along with the manager, had fled from the area. The rest of the Autobots joined up with Grimlock, Fixit, Denny, and Russell as Russell gave Grimlock and Fixit the trophy for defeating Groundpounder. And The Monster truck rally was clearly shut down and Farnum was obviously fired and arrested.

Season 2

Some time later, the stadium got a new owner and was repaired, and Renovated into a concert hall that the band Rear Axle made a stop at. Bisk, Hammer, and Anvil managed to infiltrate the Rumbledome's backstage and steal some soundboards for Steeljaw, Glowstrike and Saberhorn. Bisk was intercepted by Bumblebee, and although the Decepticon tried to get beyond Rumbledome, he was defeated by the Autobot, in a battle that the humans mistook as a choreographed part of the show.

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