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This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

The Ruler Time and Space is a god from Beast Wars Neo portion of the Japanese Generation One continuity family.

The Ruler of Time and Space (時と空間を統べる者 Toki to Kūkan wo Suberumono) is the god known as the Creator of the Universe. He is Heinrad's head supervisor.


Beast Wars Neo comic

After using his time-controlling power to save Longrack's life from an explosion, Stampy saw Heinrad talking to somebody via a communicator screen in his room. He reported to the Ruler of Time and Space that he'd used his power due to the emergency. He told the Ruler that he hadn't blown his identity and not to worry about him. A Battle Fought Alone


  • The relationship between the Ruler of Time and Space and the other gods in Transformers franchise is unknown due to the lack of any official/canonical material.
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