Ruination is an Autobot combiner formed from five Wreckers. Given to the survival rate of the Wreckers in combat, this may not be the best of ideas at all. Ruination is the combined form of five Wreckers:

Background in other Media

  • Before this, Ruination was always the name of a Decepticon combiner in every Transformers franchise.
  • Rotorstorm once joked that there was a Wrecker combiner in a Last Stand of the Wreckers comic book issue.


  • In Loose Cannons, Wheeljack mentions that Impactor (the central component of Ruination) had died along with Roadbuster (the left leg). This effectively means that Ruination can no longer exist; even if Impactor and Roadbuster could be replaced by others, they would presumably not produce the same combined being.
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