This article is about the heroic Decepticon from Shattered Glass. For the original evil Decepticon Triggercon, see Ruckus (G1).

Ruckus is a heroic Decepticon from the "Shattered Glass" continuity family.

Ruckus grieves along with us that this is not Shattered Expectations.

"Ruckus" is a born listener, his quiet personality well-suited for the kind of low-profile spy work Megatron sends him on. Ruckus can go for cycles without uttering a word, but absorbing everything around him. While this ability makes him a natural information-gatherer, his ability to communicate that information—especially under pressure—is somewhat limited… Ruckus just isn't accustomed to being the one talking!

As a Triggercon, Ruckus is equipped with two fast-deploying concealed weapons that can be mounted on his shoulders, but if confronted with a serious threat the spy is more likely to run away than fight. When panicked, Ruckus's communication skills can become almost non-existent, reducing him to a gibbering mass of incoherent fragments, unable to string even a simple sentence together.


Shattered Glass

Ruckus seems to have taken part in the ambush near Darkmount where Cliffjumper was killed and Sideswipe was left for dead 3 stellar cycles ago.[1]

Megatron sent Ruckus to snoop in the tunnels below the Autobot stronghold of Iacon. Rodimus noticed an energy buildup caused by the Triggercon's work and headed down to the tunnels to flush him out. The panicked Ruckus ran headlong into Cliffjumper—whom he was certain was dead (actually his counterpart from another timeline). Apparently leaping to the conclusion that Cliffjumper had "chosen" to let his fellow Autobots believe he perished (perhaps as part of some plot against his leader?) Ruckus tried to strike a deal for his life, promising to tell no one he had seen Cliffjumper—but he was slain by Rodimus before he could get the offer out. Shattered Glass



  1. While Megatron was apparently unaware that the real Cliffjumper was dead, Ruckus had no doubt.

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