Don't forget your hard hat.

The Ruby Crystal Mines of Burma are a place where (presumably) Burmese humans mine ruby crystals containing great and unexplained power. Soundwave alleges that the rubies in the mine are enough to power the entire planet of Cybertron, yet the 'Earth humans' merely use the crystals for decoration and jewelry. Those greedy bastards.


  • Based on the evidence presented in this episode, any one of the rubies we humans wear as jewelry could be from Burma, and thus are liable to explode at any moment. So when your spouse asks why you didn't get them rubies for Valentine's Day, say you're doing them a favor.
  • According to the film The Dark Knight, Alfred has been here... or at least some place called Burma. Funny how his story about it is about rubies (probably because Burma, properly known as Myanmar, is abundant of rubies).
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