This article is about Megatron's little friend and co-conspirator from Beast Wars. For the Beastformer, see Duck Diver.

The Rubber Ducky is a non-transforming Predacon and Decepticon ally/bath toy from the Beast Wars continuity family.
Transmetal rubber ducky

Rubber Dukey, you're the one. (squeezes twice) You make conquest lots of fun!

Megatron is awfully fond of the Rubber Ducky; it is one of his closest allies and associates. Though it seems to lack any combat capabilities, Megatron often confers with it on unknown but presumably important matters.

It is cute and yellow and chubby.


Beast Wars cartoon

Rubber ducky cotf2

Sadly, does not change into a robot.

The Rubber Ducky was seen among Megatron's hoard of personal possessions, such as Starscream's head and a model airplane, guarding them perhaps. It was unable to stop Blackarachnia from ransacking the cabinets, however; all it could do was squeak in protest as she cast it aside. Coming of the Fuzors (Part 2)

When Rampage discovered that Megatron had used half of his Spark to give life to Dinobot II, he threatened to rip it from the new Predacon's chest, only to find that Dinobot II wasn't about to let that happen. The Rubber Ducky observed all this in silence from the comfort of Megatron's CR tank hot tub, apparently content that the Predacon commander had the situation under control. Feral Scream Part 1

Later, the Rubber Ducky was apparently changed into a Transmetalized state, perhaps as a result of Megatron's experiments with the technology. When Megatron decided to attack the Maximal base to disrupt an attempt to reprogram Blackarachnia, the Rubber Ducky emphasized the scheme with a resounding squeak. Crossing the Rubicon

Shortly after, the Predacons evacuated their base, seconds before Tigerhawk's arrival obliterated it. Perhaps hindered by its lack of a means of locomotion, the Rubber Ducky was not seen escaping with them, and likely became a casualty of the Beast Wars. Other Victories

Robots in Disguise cartoon

A being similar in appearance to the Rubber Ducky had been hibernating underground before being excavated by Sky-Byte, who, uncaring of its fortitude, casually tossed it aside. Whether the same creature or a duplicate, it was still able to let out a defiant squeak. Ultra Magnus

Cybertron cartoon

The Rubber Ducky was seen having a party around Ransack's head with all his other Rubber Ducky buddies. Somehow he managed to revert back to his non-Transmetal and/or Rubber form. Megatron was probably quite pleased that he lived. Yessss..... Trust



  • Megatron (2016)
Megatron comes with a Rubber Ducky accessory. He can hold it in his hand mode.


  • Rubber Ducky - he's the one.
  • This ducky is the origin of the infamous Friendship is Magic "squee" noise.
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