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RoughEdge is a former Autobot who cooperates with Starscream. Starscream returned to Earth and brought new minions with him, along with RoughEdge.

He also appears to be an Autobot bounty hunter like Drift used to be.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Season 2 1/2


In Mighty Big Trouble, RoughEdge was part of Shadelock's crew, hired by Starscream as muscle as he tried to capture seven Mini-Cons on Earth. The trio accompanied Starscream through a GroundBridge to confront the Scavengers who had been harboring the Mini-Cons, only to find their quarry had already escaped. RoughEdge accompanied Shadelock to a scrapyard and captured three Mini-Cons, however it turned out they were the wrong ones.

In Mini-Con Madness, when Bumblebee escaped from the bridge, Shadelock's crew prevented him from leaving the ship—though RoughEdge was taken out by Bee in the process. They flanked Bumblebee on the bridge of the ship as Starscream related how he had escaped the Predacons on Cybertron.

In Worthy, RoughEdge and the others guarded the Mini-Cons while Starscream searched for the seventh, and threatened to terminate them when Bumblebee again broke free. When the other Autobots arrived, a battle spilled inside of the ship then escalated outside where RoughEdge sets the battle with fire on the ground with his flamethrower. RougheEge was about to shoot Jetstorm and Slipstream until Sideswipe intervened and saved the pair of Mini-Cons from being blasted by taking the blast himself, which he reluctantly survived. Grimlock engaged RoughEdge before the bounty hunter could shoot his gun again. The combatants were all rendered unconscious by Starscream using the Dark Star Saber. Shadelock, RoughEdge and Razorhorn came around, they saw Starscream and Optimus Prime dueling, and opted to forget getting paid. Their escape was thwarted by the rest of the Bee Team, with RoughEdge being taken down by Drift, Jetstorm and Slipstream, and they were later secured aboard Optimus's ship for transport.


  • The Autobot insignias on RoughEdge's shoulders appear to have been scratched through. According to Adam Beechen, these scratches are from years of combat situations, and are not meant to be political statements. However, RoughEdge can't explain that very easily because of a "vocal condition".
  • RoughEdge uses an altered version of the character model of the museum guards from "Pilot (Part 1)".
  • Adam Beechen noted that the emphasized capitalization of RoughEdge's name was an attempt to make it clearer the character's name wasn't 'Roughage', "so people wouldn't make jokes about lettuce".