Rotorstorm is an Autobot Turbomaster from the Generation One continuity family.
G1Rotorstorm boxart

Another super-powerful, super-intelligent, super-heroic European Autobot with no weakness... or personality. Miss Budiansky yet?

The only airborne Turbomaster, Rotorstorm is a major asset to the team. He's a ruthless, powerful, and fearless fighter. He's feared, and more, he's respected even by the most hardened Decepticons for his brilliant strategies and blinding speed. On top of all that, he also possesses advanced technology that lets him eavesdrop on Decepticon communications and an extra "Dodge" sense (rather like that human with the magic outfit) that warns him of impending danger, letting him guide his ground-based comrades out of harm's way. Rotorstorm is a force to be reckoned with.

Canadian name: Storm
French name (Canada): Tempéte


Toy catalogue comicEdit

G1 Turbomasters Predators comic

Fill in inappropriate comments about Stalker's mother, kids!

Rotorstorm swooped down on the Decepticon ranks attacking the Autobot base, and proceeded to fight Stalker one-on-one.

IDW ContinuityEdit

Rotorstorm made his big comic appearance as a cocky, bragging fighter jock who happens to think he is stupid for being a cocky, bragging fighter jock. The Last Stand of the Wreckers issue 1 He shows great piloting skill for flying two craft with pin point precision at the same time and terrible humor for following it with one of the hollowest jokes ever. The Last Stand of the Wreckers issue 2 Fortunately, it was not a mistake he had to live down as he got shot through the head while laughing. A strong showing for 2.5 issues. The Last Stand of the Wreckers issue 3


Generation OneEdit

G1Rotorstorm toy

I have elbows! They allow me to bend my arms to shoot the joker that bolted my knees together!

  • Rotorstorm (Medium Turbomaster, 1992)
    • Accessories: 2 engines/missile launchers, 6 missiles
Rotorstorm transforms into a blue Cybertronian helicopter with bright translucent pink rotor blades and canopy. His turbine engines can launch his six included yellow missiles a very long distance. A button on the back of the rotor housing drops down both engines/launchers for an 'attack mode' feature. In robot mode, Rotorstorm has quite restricted articulation, and holds his turbine launchers in his hands.
This mold was retooled and redecoed to make Machine Wars Sandstorm and Universe Whirl.


  • Rotorstorm's function of "Guide and Strategician" is a bit silly, since "Strategician" isn't a real word. Possibly it's a portmanteau of "strategist" and "magician," 'cause he's that good.

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