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This article is about the Wreckers character. For the Generation One neutral robot, see Telus and Rotorbolt.

Rotorbolt is a Predacon and part of the Wreckers team from the Expanded Universe series.

Pressing dried insects?!

Rotorbolt is among the best when it comes to aerial reconnaissance and sneak attacks. Highly intelligent and fairly snooty, Rotorbolt is near-silent in flight and almost undetectable... in helicopter mode. His flying robot mode has an unfortunate physical flaw; his rotors create so much noise that Rotorbolt can barely hear over them, and others can barely hear what he's saying or much of anything in the area. This is a source of considerable embarrassment for the proud air operative, but he soldiers on.

Despite his Predacon allegiance, he does not appear to harbor any particular ill against his Autobot and Maximal teammates, though that might merely be a result of the situation that has put him in with them.


3H Universe: The Wreckers Comics[]

Rotorbolt had somehow escaped the Vehicon armies of Megatron when the rogue took over Cybertron, joining with the new Wreckers resistance force under circumstances not yet told. He made up the Wreckers' "air support" force along with the Decepticons Cyclonus and Skywarp. Fighting through hordes of Vehicon drones, Rotorbolt made it to the ancient Autobot shuttle the Wreckers had discovered and made it off-planet.



When the Wreckers landed on Archa Nine, Cyclonus assigned Rotorbolt to keep an eye on Packrat, who had recently made himself really unpopular by sacrificing the lives of several other Wreckers during a major ship malfunction. The Wreckers were worried that Packrat would try to steal the Divine Light, a crystal with unknown powers that was the center of the Akalouthans' culture.

During this surveillance on Packrat, while the other Wreckers were occupied elsewhere, Rotorbolt was attacked by Cyclonus, who ripped off his rotor blades and nailed Rotorbolt to the wall with them, then stole the Divine Light himself under orders from Cryotek. Devcon discovered the incapacitated Rotorbolt just before he slipped into stasis lock. When the Wreckers departed from Archa Nine, Rotorbolt remained on the planet with his fellow injured Predacon Fractyl under the care of CatSCAN and Glyph. Betrayal

Rotorbolt though still damaged, somehow rejoined to the Wreckers for the return trip to Cybertron. Though Rodimus, Devcon, and Skywarp roughed up Cyclonus a bit, Rotorbolt was the one who got his revenge for the stabbing (and having to repeat himself). Wreckers: Finale Part II




Oh, if only this existed

While a hand-painted mock-up of Rotorbolt using the Beast Machines Obsidian mold was presented at BotCon 2001 and shown on the official BotCon web site in a catalogue mock-up for the Wreckers team, no toy of Rotorbolt was ever released. The Universe Obsidian toy has a very close coloration to Rotorbolt; as such, many fans use this toy as a surrogate Rotorbolt.

His comic model was based on the CGI model for Obsidian in the Beast Machines cartoon. At the time the Wreckers storyline was being developed, a Deluxe-level Obsidian toy was being considered for the latter part of the Beast Machines line. 3H intended to use that upcoming mold for a Rotorbolt toy, but with the termination of Beast Machines, that plan clearly couldn't be followed, since the toy in question apparently never got beyond the concept-art phase.

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