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Rosanna is an Autobot from the Kiss Players portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Pink and Pinker.

Hand-picked by Blaster to join his team of cassettes, Rosanna is one of the few Autobots who can both sing and dance, and the only one who fully understands Blaster's love of music. As a pop idol, her songs soothe, comfort and embolden her fellow warriors, aided by fully-automatic microphones that can pick up her voice from hundreds of miles away in the middle of a battlefield. Her experiences as a cassette-bot have transformed her from sensitive and shy into an exuberant positive thinker. She tends to butt in on disagreements between other Transformers, but generally makes things worse with her awkward attempts to mediate. She constantly examines herself with a hand mirror to make sure she looks her best. She is probably very annoying in person.

Rosanna transforms into a micro-cassette. Her recording capacity in this mode is barely-used, and what little has been encoded is mostly memories of favorite moments with friends.

She likes to dance the Robot Monkey.

Some say she is a sister to Rewind and Eject.


Kiss Players Position


Do the Monkey!

After the E.D.C.'s anti-electron field was removed, Transformers were once again able to visit the planet Earth. Rosanna, who had waited impatiently on Earth's Moonbase, could at last realize her dream: forming a singing idol group to entertain humanity!

Together with the cassette Transformers Glit and Sundor and the humans Marissa Faireborn, Shao-Shao Li and Atari Hitotonari, Rosanna performed in a world tour as a member of the group "Kiss Players". At their Brave Maximus Fortress concert, a trio of mysterious Sparkbots suddenly appeared, claiming to be servants of Primus, and told the three humans to kiss them. When they did, the humans and fortress were transported away through time, leaving the three cassettes behind, where they shared in the adventures of Teletraan 15.

Teletraan Go! Go! comics

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Kiss Players

  • Cassettron Set Kiss Players Position (Multi-pack, 2006)
A redeco of the Eject/Rewind mold, Rosanna transforms from a microcassette that can fit into the tape door of the Soundwave and Blaster toys to a humanoid robot. She was available only in an e-Hobby exclusive set with Glit and Sundor, which also came with a bonus music CD, released during the second week of March 2007.
This mold was also used to make Flip Sides.


  • Rosanna's deco was created by Lyrian, the voice actress for Kiss Players character Marissa Faireborn and for Rosanna herself. Lyrian also decoed and named the horrendously pink Sparkbot Angela, who also features a heart deco.
  • Lyrian appears to be pretty freakin' uncreative, as Rosanna closely resembles Flip Sides.

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