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Rook is a Mini-Con in the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

I turn into head, not give it.

Rook is the Mini-Con partner to Sideways, servant to Unicron. His job is to serve as a spy and saboteur, and sow discontent among the Mini-Cons. He's a charismatic, bold-faced liar with no scruples whatsoever, who enjoys playing mind games and setting others up for a fall. And if they need a push, the combat-trained Mini-Con will give them one. He'll happily destroy someone he "promised" to help without the slightest hesitation.

Japanese name: Bright


Animated continuity

Rook never appeared as an individual robot in the cartoon. He and Crosswise were always shown either as Sideways' heads, or combined into their Mirror form.

Dreamwave comics continuity


Unicronian spy for President 2008.

Rook was among the other Mini-Cons in Dualor's sanctuary in the Moon. As Megatron was destroying the base, Rook left in a escape pod. Armada #11

After the failure of Dualor's plan and the Autobots taking in the refugee Mini-Cons, Rook lectured to the other Mini-Cons, saying that they were still treated as a commodity. Thus, they should break all ties with the Autobots. To give the Mini-Cons confidence in the Autobots, Optimus Prime promised to Rook that the Autobots would help find some of their members that were lost in the devastation of Dualor's sanctuary. Fire & Ice

After the arrival of Unicron's heralds, all of the Mini-Cons were gathered to make the return to Cybertron. When the Decepticons arrived, Rook immediately assumed they had been set up by the Autobots. The End

Rook was supposedly Unicron-affiliated in this continuity, but this was never shown in the fiction, only mentioned in his More Than Meets The Eye profile.



  • Sideways w/ Rook & Crosswise (Super-Con, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MX-01
Available only with Armada Sideways and Crosswise, Rook's primary altmode is a head unit for Sideways' robot mode. By inserting the robot-mode arms into holes in Sideways' torso, a faction sigil is displayed in Sideways' chest. He also forms the upper half of the combined Mini-Con robot Mirror (unnamed in the Hasbro line) with Crosswise.
The original Hasbro Sideways setup had Rook as the Decepticon-sigil-revealing head, but an error in the television series' animation which depicted Crosswise as the Decepticon head and Rook as the Autobot head. Hasbro made a running change so the toy reflected the series' faction alignments. This change did not affect Rook's individual toy in any real capacity, since they simply changed the sigils on Sideways' chest-plates around. The Takara version uses this setup, and has no significant differences from the Hasbro Rook.
This mold was used to make Energon Nightscream.


  • In the Robot Masters series, Sideways (aka "Doubleface") is said to have "Bright" and "Shadow" programs which help him... do... things. Yeah. Any rate, this is a reference to the Japanese names of his two Mini-Con partners.

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