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A team of merciless amoral ex-Decepticon bounty hunters, the Ronin track down anyone they can for profit. They'll sell Decepticons to the Autobots as happily as they'll sell Autobots to the Decepticons.

Known Ronin include:


2015 Robots in Disguise books

Drift's Samurai Showdown

Disenchanted with Megatron's movement, the Ronin broke away from the Decepticon cause and became bounty hunters. On one occasion they tracked a bounty to the moon of Athena, where Deadlock, appalled at their plan to destroy the entire moon, destroyed the ship and deserted. While he renamed himself Drift and eventually joined Bumblebee's team on Earth, the other Ronin were captured and imprisoned aboard the Alchemor. They escaped when the ship crashed on Earth and briefly took over the Autobots' scrapyard base until Drift helped defeat them.


  • Historically, a rōnin is defined as a samurai without a master. Ronin had a reputation for being cutthroats or mercenaries, much like these ex-Decepticons.