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Rollie Friendly is a human in the Generation One continuity family.

Rollie Friendly is president of Friendly Films, Inc. He's known for films such as Creepozoids of the Crab Nebula, Monster from Mars and calling everyone "babe". He also has a very loose set of ethics.


Marvel Comics continuity

Rollie Friendly had fallen on hard times while shooting for Creepozoids of the Crab Nebula - his last few films had been unpopular, his Creepozoid kept breaking down, and his actors were inexperienced and arrogant. To add to his troubles his public relations agent Mitch Keno showed him a television story of Sky Lynx returning the Spacehikers to Earth, and how unpopular robots would be in a movie. He did however convince him to go wandering around North Carolina in search of Big Foot to use instead.

Rollie seemed more realistic, looking to use photos of the film's stars to promote the film, and wasn't beyond spreading some cash around to get past the army cordon. Confronted by the monster, he ordered his crew to start filming, and when he discovered it talked, opened contract negotiations. Talking his way past the army and paying off the inconvenienced rednecks, he took his latest talent back to the studio. Realising the enormous publicity and profit to be had by having Mr. Skullgrin under contract, Rollie was actually nice to him (or at least pretended to be), but continued to yell threats and abuse at his other employees.

During a break, his big star was attacked, and not wanting to miss a one time chance, got the cameras rolling and his cast in action. However his plan came undone when he offered Circuit Breaker money to kill Skullgrin on film and she turned on him, destroying his camera. Monstercon from Mars!

Note: Given Skullgrin was very much alive, and Transformers have been shown to recover reasonably quickly from Circuit Breaker's attacks, it's not known how much longer Friendly lived after Circuit Breaker left.

Associated Characters

Mitch Keno

Publicity money can buy!

Rollie proclaims him a PR wizard, but his initial suggestion is to try and get a real robot for the movie - using a news report of people rioting at the returning Sky Lynx as his argument... Fortunately he had a plan B (that plan was Big Foot, so maybe it's no surprise Rollie's not doing so well).


  • A contract with Friendly studio seems to include stipulations of unquestioning servitude and even dying at the director's command. All standard boilerplate really.
  • Rollie presents quite a conundrum; he is shown to be very wealthy, but his films are unpopular, the lead actor is a never-was-been, he has one cameraman most of the time (a former burger flipper), his PR man is an idiot, and his props have a tendency to burst into flame... One can only assume he is either independently wealthy, or continues to have his films green lit as a former great gone to the dumps still banking on former talent (or he made a deal with some occult power).
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