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Rollbar is an Autobot from live-action film series continuity.

Rollbar is the happiest when he's following orders. He is uncomfortable with improvisation and terrified of being put into a leadership position. Despite that, he is a highly skilled navigator, and he has a keen mind for tactics, making him an invaluable asset for his commanders. He is extremely strong and tough — trough he prefers not to fight, he can be challenged by Decepticons many times he's size.


Titan Magazines comics continuity

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Revenge of the Fallen

  • Rollbar (Scout, 2009)

Exploding cow truck.

Rollbar turns into a blue and silver delivery truck which has an image of a Red Bull. His robot mode features some cyan parts.
This mould was repainted to make Revenge of the Fallen Wideload and a cancelled figure, Crosshairs.

Age of Extinction

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