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Rollbar always gives 110%. He's neither very strong nor very fast, but he's got heart, and a vast arsenal of corny, macho cliches to pepper his speech. Though the other Throttlebots are inclined to roll their optical sensors when he starts laying the Cybertronian bullslag on too thickly, his gung-ho attitude has earned the respect of them all, and when the higher-ranking veteran Goldbug is not around, Rollbar is the acting leader of his very democratic team.

Rollbar makes good use of his low power in vehicle mode. He is a rubber-tired acrobat, able to jump like a cybergoat and run like a turbodeer. This is fortunate; he has little or no firepower, and if caught out has little choice but to run away. He does have radiation and chemical sensors to assist his tracking missions, and audio-video equipment to record his findings, or perhaps the big game.

Rollbar may not have what it takes to make the big plays, but he's still an opponent to be reckoned with. You have to give him that much credit.

French name (Canada): Cabriole (Caper)
Italian name: Trollbot


Marvel Comics continuity

On Cybertron, Rollbar was the leader of the Throttlebots, a group of five Autobots who stole fuel from the Decepticons. On one such mission, they were ambushed by an entire squadron of Decepticons, including a massive Titanium-class Destruction Drone. When the drone offered to spare their lives if they surrendered, Rollbar figured that was the best offer he was likely to get.


No matter the continuity, these guys never ever catch a break.

The captive Autobots were brought before Ratbat, who ordered them to travel to Earth and end a Scraplets infection there -- not, as Rollbar guessed, by delivering a cure, but rather by destroying all the infected Transformers with canisters of acid. If they failed, Ratbat threatened to destroy all life on Earth (just how he was going to do this remains unknown.)

The Throttlebots quickly found their primary target, a crashed Decepticon freighter and its occupants, the Decepticon Triple Changers and their prisoner Blaster. However, tire tracks heading away from the wreck made them realize that at least one other infected Transformer could be at large. Delaying their attack, Rollbar took Wideload to track down the wayward Transformer.

At a gas station, they caught up with their quarry: the Autobot Goldbug, who was by that time massively infested with Scraplets. Reluctantly, Rollbar and Wideload attempted to destroy Goldbug, but he eluded them long enough for his human friend, Charlie Fong, to demonstrate the Scraplets cure he'd just discovered: water. Relieved, Rollbar and Wideload apologized and explained their urgent mission.

The three Autobots soon returned to the wreckage site, along with two tanker trucks full of water. Before they got the chance to use them, however, the Scraplets in the crash site merged into a single massive creature. Water proved ineffective against it, and the weaponless Throttlebots were unable to fight it effectively until Goldbug sprayed the Decepticons with the water, allowing them to bring their firepower to bear against the creature, disabling it long enough for Blaster to destroy it. The Cure!

Rollbar attempted to assimilate Earth culture by joining Goldbug and Blaster in viewing some television programmes. They stumbled across a news report stating that Ultra Magnus and Galvatron had been found buried under lava inside a volcano. Rollbar and Goldbug went to scout out the terrain but when they found that Soundwave and the Combaticons were planning to blow up the volcano and destroy Galvatron, they chose to sacrifice Ultra Magnus in order to rid themselves of Galvatron, despite the objections of three human females. However, when they realised the humans had taken on the Combaticons themselves, Rollbar persuaded Goldbug to take all the Throttlebots to investigate and they managed to force the Combaticons into retreat. Ladies' Night

Rollbar and his crew joined Goldbug and Blaster in their independent war against the Decepticons, but the incidents at the crashed spaceship and the volcano had gained them unwanted attention. Low on fuel, they were shadowed cross-country by both R.A.A.T. and the Decepticons. When Vortex attacked the Autobots on the highway, Blaster utilized Rollbar and Chase as mobile footstands while he returned fire on the airborne Decepticon. Unfortunately, Rollbar's attention wasn't focused on his driving, and he drifted into the path of oncoming traffic. Swerving to get out of the way, he caused Blaster to lose his footing and nearly tumble off a bridge, and left himself and the others stuck in a tie-up from the near-accident. Blaster, however, managed to hit Vortex with an electro-scrambler blast and send him tumbling out of control.

Attempting to refuel at a Blackrock gas station, the team found themselves under attack by R.A.A.T. An aerial attack module blasted Rollbar's rear canopy, leaving him with a ragged hole in the back end. The Autobots escaped, but were still low on fuel. Freeway expressed concern that Rollbar couldn't make it much further, but Rollbar dismissed this with customary bravado.

Eventually, they took shelter in an auto sales lot, negotiating with the owner, "Big Steve", to ensure that he didn't have the damaged Rollbar towed away. The Autobots requested simply to be refueled and left alone till nightfall. But Big Steve betrayed the team to R.A.A.T., filling their tanks with soda and allowing R.A.A.T. to haul the Throttlebots away under the cover of a fight between the Protectobots and Combaticons. Used Autobots

Triple-I held the Throttlebots prisoner for some time, partially disassembling and examining them, as well as interrogating them. Eventually, the six prisoners were "executed" on national television -- though in fact they survived, as Walter Barnett removed their brain modules and placed them inside toy cars. Rollbar and his companions would end up zipping through a mall, eluding the Predacons, before being recovered by Barnett. Toy Soldiers!

Later, when the US Navy was monitoring a mysterious desert island, an Autobot shuttle arrived to attack the island and rescue Buster Witwicky. Rollbar, still in the toy car body, spoke up to identify the shuttle as an Autobot ship and keep the Navy from attacking it. A naval officer was disgruntled at taking orders from a $@%##%! toy, but Barnett reminded the officer that Rollbar was in fact a veteran Autobot warrior. The Desert Island of Space!

Eventually winding up with Optimus Prime's Autobots aboard the Ark, the Throttlebots were re-built into new bodies... and promptly destroyed again by the Underbase-powered Starscream. Dark Star!

Marvel UK future timeline

Rollbar was among the Autobots who defended Autobot City from the Quintessons in 2007. Perceptor seemed to have taken to addressing him as Chase, but he didn't seem to mind. Space Pirates

Cartoon continuity

The Rebirth (US only)

Voice actor: Dan Gilvezan (US)

While the other Throttlebots first saw combat during the Hate Plague crisis, Rollbar had to wait (and missed all the fun with the Hate Plague) until the brief truce between the Autobots and Decepticons expired. Rollbar participated in the defense of Autobot City from a massive Decepticon raid The Rebirth, Part 1, and then fought alongside his fellow Throttlebots on Cybertron. The Rebirth, Part 3

The Headmasters (Japan only)

Voice actor: Kunihiko Yasui (Japan)

It was so obvious they were going to win. Approach of the Demon Meteorite


Generation One

  • Rollbar (Throttlebot, 1987/1992)
Japanese ID number: C-95
G1Rollbar toy

Macho, macho man.

Like all Throttlebots, Rollbar's gimmick is the "pull back-and-go" motor, which is usable in both vehicle and robot modes. Rollbar transforms into an olive green Jeep CJ-7. Perhaps unique among Transformers toys, Rollbar's windows are "reflecting" an arid landscape rather than being plain colors. The 1992 European "Classics release also had the rubsign indent removed, the rubsign decal itself replaced with the Autobot insignia.


  • Rollbar (Alternator, 2006)
Alternator ID number: 19
Alternators Rollbar toy

He wants to be...a macho man.

Rollbar is a redeco of Alternators Swindle (himself a retool of Alternators Hound), transforming into a 1:24-scale licensed Jeep Wrangler TJ custom with oversized off-road tires and a new bumper with bullbar. In vehicle mode, his doors open to reveal a realistic interior, his hood opens to reveal a fake (and inaccurate) engine bay, and an opening tailgate. As with Hound and Swindle, he lacks the steering feature common in other Alternators, but has spring-loaded suspension. His license plate indicates he's a registered driver in Colorado.
In robot mode, Rollbar is armed with a small laser pistol stored in his spare tire. He is otherwise mostly identical to Swindle except for the changed parts and colour.

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