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The name or term Rollbar refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Rollbar (disambiguation).

Rollbar is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

Rollbar never met a second opinion he didn't like; he double-checks his ideas against the nearest available expert whenever possible. Though a competent administrator, he's fairly useless at hands-on work.


Animated continuity



Dreamwave Comics continuity

Rollbar was the leader of Mini-Con Village C52, the last Mini-Con settlement the Decepticons attacked before moving on the Autobot Capital of Cyber City.

Receiving advance warning of the Decepticon attack from Leader-1, Rollbar put Incinerator in charge of hastily constructing an energon dome defense and assigned Sparkplug to watch the Northern Quadrant for the expected Decepticon advance.

Rollbar was captured by Cyclonus, who bypassed the energon dome by burrowing under it. He, along with the rest of the residents of Mini-Con village C52 (except Sparkplug), was transported to the Decepticons' secret base for mecha-sectioning. They were subsequently freed by Sparkplug and the Air Defense Team and escaped Cybertron.

On Earth Rollbar awoke with Jolt, Longarm and Liftor (all originally residents of C52) and was for a time based out of a human garbage dump while foraging for technology to repair their radio and contact their fellow Mini-Cons. Rollbar had a misadventure on one such foraging mission, falling asleep inside a car-crusher, not realizing its function.

Monitoring human television channels, Rollbar's group learned Megatron was in pursuit of Sparkplug and the Street Action Mini-Con Team. Rollbar morosely agreed to be persuaded by Jolt, unenthusiastically acknowledging they had to try to rescue them. Rollbar suggested powerlinking with the Autobots, and was subsequently partnered with Scavenger.

When Scavenger left to observe Decepticon activity in Death Valley, Rollbar apparently went with him. Dualor's summoning signal was presumably unable to cut through the interference that plagued their observation post.

Rollbar was among the Mini-Cons gathered at the Black Mesa in Arizona before transporting to Cybertron to participate in Over-Run's matrix-ceremony at the Halls of Justice to defeat Unicron.



  • Scavenger w/Rollbar


  • Treadbolt w/Rollbar

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