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The Decepticons seek a powerful antimatter formula, and the Autobots with their new human ally Chip Chase try to stop them.

Japanese title: "The Return of Megatron"
Russian Tv dub title (6th channel): "Poehali!" ("Let's Go!")

Detailed synopsis

RollForIt Bluestreak cannonfire

Bluestreak, we need energon stars, quick!

Starscream, still in command of the Decepticons after Megatron’s disappearance in the Space Bridge, leads Thundercracker and Soundwave in attacking a hydroelectric power generator. The Autobots respond quickly, as Optimus Prime arrives with an assault team. The battle is short, as a thrown piece of equipment destroys the Decepticon store of Energon Cubes. With little to show for their efforts, the Decepticons retreat. Optimus Prime sends Prowl and Bluestreak to follow them.

RollForIt Spacebridge recieves

A storm approaches.

Meanwhile, on Cybertron, Megatron resumes contact with Earth. Despite his absence, Megatron commands that their scheduled attack on an antimatter laboratory will continue as planned in five billion astroseconds. The battle-damaged seekers set out to find repair parts in the interim, to be ready for the attack, while Megatron boards the Space Bridge for transit back to Earth.

Bumblebee drives Spike Witwicky and Chip Chase to the isolated antimatter laboratory where Chip works. As the security guard punches the access code to let them in, his actions are carefully spied by Reflector, who is perched outside in camera mode snapping shots. Inside the massive lab, Chip and Spike are greeted by Dr. Alcazar, who gives Chase a 5.25-inch floppy disk that will enable Chip’s home computer to interface with the one at the lab.

RollForIt Bumblebeeattacked

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yes and no, it's Laserbeak!

As Bumblebee drives away, he is attacked by Laserbeak. Spike directs Bumblebee to take cover in the underground parking garage. With Bumblebee having escaped, Megatron realizes Optimus Prime might be tipped off to their laboratory attack. Rather than wait for Starscream and his team, Megatron orders an immediate strike.

Bumblebee drives Chip home, where the young scientist hopes to warn the lab of the impending attack. Bumblebee tries to call in Prowl and Bluestreak as backup, but they’re tied up attacking Starscream’s group, who are raiding the Ace Aircraft Factory for parts.

Megatron’s attack group arrives at the antimatter laboratory. Reflector punches in the access code, and the Decepticons march inside. Dr. Alcazar receives Chip’s online warning at the last possible moment, and succeeds in erasing the antimatter formula from his computer. Megatron detects that Alcazar has uploaded the formula to someone else. He lets Alcazar go.

RollForIt ProwlshootsRavage


In the aircraft factory, Prowl is injured by Soundwave’s blasts, and his battle computer goes offline. Desperate, Prowl scans for another online computer to hook up to. Traversing the phone lines, his signals find Chip’s computer, which has also received Dr. Alcazar’s antimatter formula. Chip assumes control of Prowl, using his desktop terminal to guide Prowl through combat maneuvers. With Chip in command, Prowl takes control of one of the surplus jets, and fires its rockets at the Decepticons. Starscream and his cohorts flee the battle.

RollForIt SoundwavescansChip

The All Spark. WHERE IS IT?!

Megatron determines where Alcazar sent the formula, and communicates the location to Starscream and his team. Soundwave dispatches Ravage to retrieve Chip. Chip memorizes the antimatter formula and destroys all evidence of it just as Ravage breaks in to his house and fetches him. The Decepticons take Chip to the antimatter laboratory, where the Autobots are just arriving. Prime sees that the Decepticons have a human hostage, and begins formulating a plan involving Mirage and Hound. These deceptive Autobots are able to outsmart perimeter guard Rumble with their holographic ruses, allowing them and Bumblebee to sneak past.

RollForIt Antimattercube toolate

I got it! I got it!

Inside, Soundwave uses his scanning abilities to extract the formula from Chip’s brain. Megatron orders Chip disposed of, and begins creating antimatter with the equipment in his lab. Just as Thundercracker moves in to terminate Chip, the infiltrating Autobots attack. Bumblebee and Spike rescue Chip, and the Autobots race away, taking Chip to safety.

Next, Optimus strikes, driving through the lab walls and unleashing his warriors. But it may be too late, as Megatron throws an antimatter-powered Energon Cube at the Autobots, creating a tremendous explosion.

RollForIt Sunstreak JetJudo

And you thought surfing the roof of a boxcar was cool.

Injured Autobots emerge from the devastated laboratory. Prime orders a retreat to headquarters, so that his soldiers can tend to badly needed repairs. The Autobots limp back to the Ark, where Ratchet and Sparkplug immediately get to work. Chip laments his inability to keep the antimatter formula from falling into Megatron’s hands, but Wheeljack tries to console him. He’s got a plan for the formula, and could use Chip and Spike’s help.

RollForIt Megatron chestycubes

Breastforce Megatron.

The next day, the Decepticons, powered by antimatter Energon Cubes, attack Autobot headquarters. Megatron turns into pistol mode, and Starscream fires his antimatter-bolstered bolts into the Autobot ranks. Prime manages to knock the pistol from Starscream’s grip, and Skywarp recovers the weapon. Just then, Chip affixes a control device onto Skywarp’s ankle, a transmitter that enables Teletraan-1 to take control of the Decepticon warrior.

Under Autobot control, Skywarp begins shooting randomly into the countryside, and Megatron’s antimatter ignition temperature reaches near critical. He transforms into robot mode and expels the remaining antimatter Energon from his body. It detonates, devastating the Decepticon forces. Megatron orders a retreat, but swears vengeance. Meanwhile, the Autobots congratulate Chip for his heroics.


Original airdate: October 13, 1984

Production number: #700-02

Written by: Douglas Booth

Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others



Notable Quotes

"Just your friendly neighborhood Decepticon wreckers."
"Can the chat and start kickin' pig-iron!"

Cliffjumper and Brawn, heading into battle.

"Starscream! Thundercracker! You two look like Optimus Prime ran you through a laser-powered trash compactor!"

Megatron, observing the damaged condition of his men

"Leadership my sine function."

Starscream after hearing Thundercracker's remark on Megatron's leadership.

"Stealing the antimatter formula is gonna be a piece of oil cake!"

Reflector, thinking he is (they are?) clever.

"I don't like the idea of Megatron getting the antimatter formula. He can't be trusted!"
"Sure can't, manifold-mouth!"

Starscream gripes and Bluestreak's potty mouth slang

"Now this is a human after my own central processor!"

Prowl, commenting on Chip's computer-control.

"Exellent Ravage"

Soundwave, forgets he is not Dr. Claw

"There's no one here! I must have static in my rectifiers."
"Now that's the smartest thing you've said all day!"
(flattered)"R-really? ...Hey, what's going on!"

Rumble, hoodwinked by Mirage and Hound.

"Ouch! You guys look like the guests of honor at a 50-car pile-up!"

Sparkplug Witwicky, upon seeing the battle-damaged Autobots return to base.

"I get the feeling our jet judo needs a little more work."

Sunstreaker to Sideswipe after their failed bid to stop the Seekers.

"You may not be an Autobot, but when you rolled for broke back there you sure could've fooled me."

Bumblebee congratulating Chip.


RollForIt droopyDecepticonjets

"Maybe if we're lucky, Dad won't notice why we're gone!

  • In several scenes in this episode, all of the Transformers are drawn using different, more stylised animation models. In particular, the Decepticon jets seen near the beginning are sleeker, more detailed and have a drooping nosecone similar to Cybertron Thundercracker's SU-35 fighter mode.

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Thundercracker is repeatedly depicted with Skywarp’s colors in the opening scene, or in some cases, with Starscream’s hue.
  • When Starscream transforms into humanoid mode after arriving in the factory, his head is colored white.
  • As Soundwave prepares Energon Cubes, the interior of his chest-compartment is not illustrated, instead showing a solid wall of blue.
  • When Soundwave runs through what appears to be a chainlink volleyball net, the net is animated as if the background art is sliding, but the background is sitting still.
  • As Soundwave escapes, Prowl transforms and gives chase, followed by Bluestreak. However, in the next shot, when Prowl knocks Soundwave over, he is drawn as Bluestreak.
  • When Prowl (who was Bluestreak a second ago) transforms and drives off after the retreating Decepticons, he runs over Optimus Prime's foot. What a dick.
RollForIt securityguardconsole

"Please enter the square root of 685."

  • The security guard’s access panel has digits 1-9 and a variety of mathematical commands (?!), yet lacks a zero.
  • When Bumblebee races into the underground parking entrance to escape Laserbeak, there's no explosion, and the damage just appears, complete with smoking ruins.
  • When Megatron orders the attack on the laboratory, the Decepticon insignia in his chest is not shown.
  • When entering the jets' base, Prowl's and Bluestreak's Autobot insignias are not shown. When Bluestreak delivers his 'manifold-mouth' line, Prowl's mouth is also moving.
  • When Thundercracker delivers his great "You don't have Prime and Brawn..." line, he's once again colored like Skywarp.
  • When the Decepticons are fleeing the jets' base, Skywarp (who hasn't been shown before, except as an error replacing Thundercracker) appears besides Thundercracker and Starscream.
  • in a closeup just after entering the hangar, Bluestreak's right shoulder blaster is missing.
  • After Megatron descends upon the antimatter lab and makes his declaration of ultimate power, his laugh is heard without its usual flanging, making Megatron sound like a creepy old man.
  • When we see Chip's room through the window, he has a college pennant that reads USC, an odd choice for Chip. Later, his room has two different college pennants, one with the letters SUN and another with YAL (likely Yale, with the 'e' obscured by the SUN pennant).
  • The shot of Soundwave ejecting Ravage to retrieve Chip is supposed to take place outdoors, but the background art is that of the hangar interior seen earlier
  • Ravage breaks through Chip's front door, taking most of a side window with him. After he opens Chip's bedroom door and absconds with the human, he leaps through the now-repaired side window, and the front door is undamaged as well.
  • Soundwave’s line of dialogue, “Excellent, Ravage” is heard without its sound processing, so that Frank Welker’s “Dr. Claw” voice is quite audible. That voice was also used for Soundwave's Movie counterpart.
  • When Megatron throws the antimatter Energon Cube, it is not colored in.
  • When the Autobots transform after escaping from Megatron's bomb of an energon cube damage and cracks appear during the final frames.
  • During the establishing shot of Autobot headquarters, it is coloured grey as opposed to the usual orange.
  • When the Decepticons are loading the antimatter-powered energon cubes, two Starscreams are shown (one as a jet and one as a robot).

Continuity Errors

  • Starscream transforms into jet form twice when fleeing the factory. He transforms once inside of the factory right in front of Optimus Prime. Seconds later, he runs out of the factory before transforming.
  • When the security guard initially greets Chip, his voice is similar to Sparkplug's. When he welcomes Chip back to the lab moments later, he has a completely different voice.
  • Reflector is shown watching for the password to enter the lab — why don't the Decepticons just blast the door down? We'll find out later that the facility is hardly impregnable — Sunstreaker and company enter the lab simply by crashing through the wall, and no security alarms sound. Megatron does justify this by saying that "This way, we'll grab it before they know what's hit them," but it still seems rather un-Decepticon like.
  • While Chip tries desperately to contact Dr. Alcazar via his computer, he never tries with the piece of equipment right next to his computer: his telephone.
  • As noted above, the college pennants in Chip's room change between scenes. But why does he have pennants from three different universities?
  • The security access door code is 2-9-5 when the security guard punches it and 4-7-2 when Reflector punches it in.
  • Good thing the anti-matter formula, the key to limitless energy, fits on a single floppy disk! How convenient!
  • Ratchet is shown as both a member of Prime’s attack group, and also waiting for them to return at the Ark.
  • When the Decepticons visit Chip's house to steal the antimatter formula, Chip memorizes the code...AND RIPS A FLOPPY DISK APART WITH HIS BARE HANDS. If that doesn't seem like a tremendous feat of strength, try doing so yourself (...if you can find one...). Chip must have absolutely tremendous upper body strength.

Transformers references

  • The Space Bridge, which first appeared in Transport to Oblivion, reappears in this episode.
  • The para-sail like parachute used by Mirage in "More Than Meets the Eye, Part 3" is shown again, this time used by Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.
  • The Autobots' ability to fly, seen in "More Than Meets The Eye", is shown again in this episode, when Sunstreaker and Sideswipe are defending the Ark. Sideswipe could be using his jetpack, but Sunstreaker doesn't have any such accessory.
  • Cliffjumper uses the phrase “your friendly neighborhood Decepticon wreckers,” which is both a reference to Spider-Man and also the first time the phrase Wreckers is used.

Real-world references

  • Reference

Miscellaneous trivia

  • "Just your friendly neighborhood Decepticon wreckers." Sound familiar?
  • Bumblebee can reconfigure his interior to accommodate Chip’s wheelchair and turn his door into an entry ramp.
  • Signage in the city includes an ad for Prim Cola.
  • Megatron can detect specific computer activity by placing his hand over the machine.
  • The antimatter formula includes handwritten screens with the following written on them:










….. UZE

This should be Japanese staff joke, as in English the text roughly translates: "I want a woman... is there a nice girl somewhere? Let's call it (a day) and get home quick and let's sleep. Hey Habara (a common Japanese name, certainly a staff member) did you finally dropped your virginity? Let's go to Turkish Bath (kind of prostitutes' salon) sometimes."

  • Chip’s phone number is 94-7244. Strangely, he doesn't answer when you call him.
  • The USC pennant, possibly standing for the University of Southern California, which as an institution with a reputation as a 'party school' is an odd choice for somebody as academically accomplished as Chip. However, the apparent Yale pennant that appears later seems like a good fit for somebody of Chip's talent.
  • The lab's computer is weird. It loads floppy disks backwards...unless the good doctor is befuddled and inserted the disk the wrong way.

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