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Rollout game

"Optimus Prime: Super Mo..." *whisper* "Huh? WHADDAYA MEAN I CAN'T DO SUPER MODE?!?"

Roll Out is a Cybertron online game on the Cartoon Network site that is very much like Sonic the Hedgehog. In it you play as Optimus without his kibble.


The point of the game is to help Optimus get the Speed Planet Key. Like Sonic, Optimus goes forward, backward, and jumps as he travels through a horizontal track collecting items(on Velocitron). Unlike Sonic, he has a laser and can Transform for added speed and other capabilities. You use the arrow keys and the "z" key to control him. In robot mode, he can shoot and jump, in vehicle mode, he can drive wicked fast. Also, in vehicle mode he can drive right through the Decepticons, killing them instantly. Yes, there are Decepticons. In level one, the only enemy is Ransack (the little guy). But in levels two and three, Crumplezone (the big guy) and Dirt Boss (the really big guy) are added (Each of them being more and more difficult to kill). You are timed, and have a life counter in this game. Finishing in a certain amount of time, killing a specific number of enemies, and collecting enough items, all give you "medals." Getting a gold medal in everything is a perfect game.

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