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The name or term Rodimus refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Rodimus (disambiguation).

Rodimus is an Autobot in the Shattered Glass portion of the Timelines continuity family.

You can just tell he's evil by the facial hair.

A member of the villainous and despotic Autobots, and former member af the mercenary team called the Wreckers, Rodimus is a smooth operator. He had a Zappa beard added to his facial superstructure a few cycles back. He feels it makes him look distinguished. He's the Starscream to Optimus Prime's Megatron, seeking to usurp command and turn the Autobots into the greatest mercenary team known to the universe.



Rodimus gunned down the Triggercon Ruckus before he could manage to stammer out a few words to Cliffjumper. Mistaking the world-hopping Autobot for his long lost buddy, he quipped to Cliffjumper that Optimus Prime would be very pleased to see him.

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Makes you wonder if Shattered Glass Menasor uses G1 Hot Rod colors.

Botcon 2008

  • Megatron & Rodimus (Convention Souvenir 3-Pack, 2008)
    • Accessories: Thruster-cannon, flame-missile
Rodimus is a redeco of Deluxe-class Classics Rodimus with a color scheme similar to Titanium Series Menasor, using glittery-black plastic with gray and clear-red. He comes with Megatron and Rampage as a bagged set, limited to 1100 pieces as a Botcon 2008 souvenir set.
Rodimus transforms into a heavily-altered black, purple and silver Dome Zero. His rear-mounted thruster engine becomes a hand-held weapon in robot mode, launching a spring-loaded missile. His left arm also hides a flip-out "comm unit" that is clearly supposed to be the buzzsaw his Generation One counterpart used for a brief period in the Movie. The deco has a different pattern for the flames than his Classics counterpart, and also features a new paint application on his robot-mode face to accomodate his beard.
This mold was also used to make the rather-similar-looking "Gentei" Wildrider.


  • The character Anti from the anime SSSS.GRIDMAN homages Shattered Glass Rodimus.
    • His attire is dark blue adorned with purple flames.
    • In his human form, he often wields a buzzsaw in his left hand similar to Rodimus's built-in one.
  • He is noted to be the leader of the Seekers in this reality.

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