Rodimus (not to be confused with Hot Shot) is an Autobot serving under Optimus Prime in the Great War. Young and impetuous, he's always waiting with enthusiasm and confidence for his next mission (so long as he isn't paired with Kup again). Perhaps he's got something to prove, but any leadership qualities he might possess have yet to show themselves. Rodimus constantly seeks the approval of Optimus Prime, and is particularly proud of his appearance and the phoenix on his chest. His favorite weapon is a rocket bow, known to employ hi-ex rounds and various other warheads.


Transformers: Retribution

When the Ark arrived in orbit of the planet Aquatron, Rodimus joined Bumblebee and Kup as part of Prowl's recon team to scout the area and establish a landing zone. Rodimus was annoyed that Teletraan-1 would be remote piloting the dropship, so he got a kick when the local weather patterns proved unpredictable enough to support a switch to manual control. the recon team made contact with the regional governor of Aquatron, the Curator, who proved to be an incredibly friendly and welcoming host. Almost...suspiciously so.

After sounding the all-clear, Optimus brought a full delegation of Autobots down from the Ark. When Optimus mysteriously fell ill, Rodimus began voicing his suspicions about the Aquatronians. Kup and Bumblebee agreed, so they took the dropship to investigate the planet's underwater cities further. During their undersea voyage, the dropship was damaged and the trio were forced to infiltrate the catacombs on foot. They discovered a vast underground army of Sharkticons prepared to invade, but were unable to report their findings before being hypnotized into submission by the Hydratron. The Curator brainwashed Rodimus and his friends to serve as pawns for the true force behind Aquatron: the Quintessons.

Returning to the surface, Rodimus, Kup and Bumblebee no longer had any memories of what they found, or any suspicions regarding the Curator. The Aquatronians soon revealed their true nature anyway, snaring both the Autobots and the arriving Decepticons from the Nemesis in a series of political and legal farces. First, the Curator claimed interest in orchestrating peace talks between the Cybertronians, only to arrange for the talks to fail and then arrest both factions for a variety of imaginative (and imagined) crimes. After putting Optimus Prime on trial, the Curator revealed that Rodimus and the other two had also been conditioned to provide false testimony when prompted, leading the three Autobots to corroborate the Quintessons' outlandish allegations. Rodimus's mind shut down after that until the Ark and Nemesis arrived, doing so much damage to the Quintessons' equipment that the mind control transmitters failed. Rodimus joined his fellow Cybertronians fighting against the Sharkticons until the Quintesson forces were defeated.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Following the restoration of Cybertron from the Great War, Rodimus was one of the many Autobots blacklisted by the new High Council for being a supporter of Optimus Prime.

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