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Rockblade is a Decepticon-allied Mini-Con from the Generation One/Beast Wars continuity family.

Rockblade (ロックブレード) is known as the wild horse that scrapes the land (in a sword-sharpeny sort of way). He believes in "Major destruction for the purpose of rebirth!" and so probably has a lot in common with forest fires.

And horses, evidently.


Generation One

  • Rockblade (Micron Booster, 2007)
Booster ID number: 9
Rockblade is a redeco of the Classics Mini-Con Sledge, transforming into a backhoe/payloader. He was only available in the fifth "Micron Booster" assortment in Japan, where each figure came in its own blind-packed, individual box.
This mold was also used to make Universe Backstop.


  • The Micron Booster Ver.4 assortment uses the "classic" Japanese Transformers logo, ostensibly placing the characters within the Generation One continuity family. However, this set also gives Maximal and Predacon sigils to the beast-form Mini-Cons. It would appear then that these characters are from a "transitional" period from Generation One to the Beast Era... though chances are TakaraTomy didn't put even that much thought into it. Toys is toys.

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