The Robots Video Arcade is a place in the Generation One continuity family.
Arcade Front

Seriously, how did you not notice the hydrant that's HALF THE SIZE OF YOUR CAR?!

The Robots Video Arcade is where Bumblebee and Spike like to goof off when they're supposed to be getting a new polarizer for Wheeljack. The place apparently only allows 12- to 34-year-olds, but it has many of the popular video games of 1985, including:

  • Robot Resource
  • Ha Ha Ha (which may be the same as Resource)
  • Oh!!
  • Pan!!
  • Chu!!
  • SFX
  • Ho-something (Hot? Hojoni?)

You can find it next to the Rose Beauty Saloon [sic]. Look for Carly's car violating several laws of traffic and physics.


Generation One Cartoon continuity

Arcade RobotResource

Here I am revered, Bumblebee thought, and the robots do my bidding.

Arcade OhPan

That is either one tiny freakin' kid, or someone dressed a monkey up and taught it to play Pong.

While running an errand for Wheeljack, Spike and Bumblebee spent some time at the Robots Video Arcade. Bumblebee attracted a crowd for his mad Robot Resource skillz (double bonus points on the first goal!), and a young lady asked Spike to introduce her to the "cute Autobot." Spike, possibly jealous, cut their meeting short with the classic my-oh-my-look-at-the-time excuse. But that didn't stop the girl from stalking her new acquaintances... and thus did Carly enter the Autobots' adventures. The Immobilizer

Arcade Hahaha

The video game finds your human weaknesses amusing. And exploitable.

Arcade ChuSFXHo

What time is it in Dorklahoma?

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