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Specifics: Non-Japanese robot points

Robot Points were part of Hasbro Transformers mail away offers in the Generation One era.

The exchange rate of Japanese Robot Points to American is closely monitored by Quintesson lobbyists.

As with G.I.Joe Flag Points before them, Robot Points of different denominations came printed on the cardboard packaging of Generation One Transformers toys. Robot Points were designed to be clipped and saved along with Tech Specs and were marked with a number and either an Autobot or Decepticon symbol. The number mattered, the faction did not. The amount of points on each toy was generally reflective of the size/expense of the toy.

As was a frequently the practice with toy lines of the time, most Transformers toys from 1985 until the end of Generation One included small pack-in flyers advertising exclusive Transformers merchandise, older discontinued product and even new exclusive toys and merchandise for purchase by mail-order.

Decepticons need Robot Points too y'know.

Each item had a particular monetary cost (which was at least the regular retail price of the discontinued toys) plus a certain number of Robot Points needed to purchase them. The Robot Points acted a bit like "proofs of purchase" and a bit like "green stamps". A rather clever system, in that kids had to buy substantial numbers of Transformers in stores to be able to pay retail prices for mail-in toys.

Transformers mail-in offers were handled by Hasbro subsidiary Hasbro Direct, which was also responsible for effectively identical G.I. Joe and My Little Pony offers.

In Japan Takara reserved many characters exclusively mail-in offers, even some of a high level of prominence, including Ratchet, Cosmos, Dirge, Warpath, and Repugnus. Strange.

Mail Away Offers and Cost/Robot Points

New items

Discontinued items

  • Optimus Prime - $21.50 + 5 robot points
  • Megatron - $21.50 + 5 robot points
  • Thundercracker - $10 + 2 robot points
  • Wheeljack - $8 + 2 robot points
  • Mirage - $8 + 2 robot points
  • Ratchet - $8 + 2 robot points
  • Sunstreaker - $8 + 2 robot points
  • Cosmos - $3.50 + 1 robot point
  • Warpath - $3.50 + 1 robot point
  • Cliffjumper - $3.50 + 1 robot point

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