Buster takes Frenzy from behind.

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Wheeljack builds an exo-suit for Buster who uses it to confront Shockwave.

Marvel UK issues #59-60

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Barry Kitson
Lettering: Annie Halfacree
Colours: Josie Firmin (59), T.M. Cooks (60)
Editor: Ian Rimmer

  • Originally published: 3rd May 1986 – 30th May 1986


Wheeljack and Ratchet ask Optimus Prime to visit their lab to see their newest creation-- a large mechanical suit for Buster Witwicky that will allow him to fight alongside the Autobots. Optimus Prime is outraged at the notion of endangering Buster's life in battle and orders the suit dismantled. Buster commandeers the suit that night, convinced that Optimus will change his mind if Buster can defeat a Decepticon on his own. Approaching the Decepticons' mountain base, he finds Frenzy alone and manages to defeat him, although the fight alerts current Decepticon commander Shockwave to Buster's presence.

After spending most of the night running from Shockwave and making futile attempts to combat him, Buster escapes momentarily by throwing sand in Shockwave's optic sensor. Shockwave recalls his recent burial at the hands of the Dinobots, augmenting his fury toward Buster. Buster reconfigures his suit to channel all of its energy into one blast against Shockwave, but the effort proves futile as Shockwave recovers and prepares to kill Buster. The Autobots arrive in time to save Buster and he agrees to resign from fighting the Decepticons. Shockwave, retreating in humiliation, concludes that the Autobots' concern for humans is a weakness he can exploit at a later date.


  • At the end of part one Shockwave declares Buster will die at his "hands". He's only got one.

Items of note

  • The story idea for "Robot Buster" is attributed to artist Barry Kitson.
  • Part two has a flat colouring that is very different from that used in other UK originated issues in the comic's first two years but which became the norm from issue #93 onwards.



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