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The name or term Robot Master refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Robot Master (disambiguation).

Shoulda won an Eisner.

Robot-Master is a comic book series written by Donny Finkleberg for a Marvel Comics. Robot-Master chronicled the adventures of the titular supervillain and the army of robots under his control, which he claimed no power on this world or any other could possibly stop. Somehow, the series was cancelled.


Marvel Comics continuity

Walter Barnett, charged by I.I.I. to find a scapegoat for the Transformer war on Earth that the American public could easily swallow, came home to find his son reading an issue of Robot-Master. Realizing he had found his scapegoat, Barnett hunted down the comic book's writer, Donny Finkleberg, who had just recently been fired because his work was horrible.

...So horrible that apparently only Barnett's son had ever read it, as the American public didn't seem to make the connection when a very similar Robot-Master showed up on their television screens claiming to control the Transformers. I, Robot-Master!