If they did a blue one too, you could read the 3D comics.

As part of the June 2, 2007, launch of Transformers film toyline, Target stores were home to a Robo-Vision promotion. Included in Target-exclusive Transformers toys is a Robo-Vision Decoder which reveal passwords printed on the back of these toys' packages. These codes can be used to unlock exclusive content on Target's website.

The following toys are part of the Robo-Vision promotion:

The Target site also features an online version of the Robo-Vision decoder. Dragging the graphic across the screen reveals codes normally invisible. This decoder is also usable when viewing the two Target-sponsored movie prequel comics, Interlude and Planetfall, via the site or in their original printed form (the effects were removed for the collected reprint available at general retail via IDW Publishing, the Transformers Movie Prequel Special, except for one which has been overlooked); placing the decoder over comic panels in "Robo-Vision" reveals even more codes.

Probably the best of the exclusive content are 'Origin' files for Optimus Prime, Arcee, Hardtop and Signal Flare, taking the form of expanded biographies.

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