Me Grimlock big clumsy fool!

Grimlock learns the hard way that overthrowing others isn't always the best course of action...

Marvel UK issue #74

By: Lew Stringer
(Script: Simon Furman uncredited)

  • Originally published: 9th August 1986. Cover date ("off sale") 16th August 1986.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans


Grimlock has decided that Soundwave has been in charge of the Transformers letters page far too long and it's time a Dinobot took charge. He smashes into the Marvel Comics building, being mistaken for a rat by a drunken homeless guy. Inside, the receptionist directs him to Soundwave's room as Grimlock wonders what to call the letters page—"Lock's Letters" or "Grim Grams"? He reaches the door and smashes it open, but is horrified by what he sees. Meanwhile, a blond boy carries Soundwave's tape player mode out of the building, en route to America. Soundwave cannot help sniggering, for Grimlock has been buried by an avalanche of unopened mail!


  • Grimlock's head and arm are green in the third panel and his neck white in the seventh.
  • Soundwave's tape player mode has grown in size and is now as large as a ghetto blaster.

Items of note

  • "I, Grimlock"? Which Grimlock is this?
  • This one-page special strip was written to explain the changeover in letters page answerer. Simon Furman scripted it but the only credit on the strip itself is to Lew Stringer.
  • A similar special, entitled "The Wind of Change!" would appear in issue #183.
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