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To boldly Go Where No Writer Has Gone Before

Roberto Orci is an American film and television producer and screenwriter. Together with his friend and writing partner Alex Kurtzman, he has written several high-profile motion pictures recently, including Mission Impossible 3, The Island (which was directed by Michael Bay), and the eleventh Star Trek movie. He is also the developer and executive Producer of the Hub animated series, Transformers: Prime with Kurtzman.



  • Before the release of the movie, Roberto regularly posted on the Official Transformers Movie forum, answering the questions of fans as best he could. His writing partner Alex Kurtzman occasionally chimed in, though not to the extent of Orci's messages. However, since the release of the movie, Roberto returned to answer questions before the pair left to move onto the Star Trek franchise. Currently, Orci is regularly answering fan questions at the official message board of movie producer Don Murphy and at TFW2005.
  • "Orci" is pronounced "Or-See", not "Or-Key".

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