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Robert Epps is a human in the Movie continuity family.

Epps waits to become a G.I. Joe figure.

Technical Sergeant Robert Epps is a Combat Controller in the United States Air Force and he is under the command of Captain William Lennox of the United States Army Rangers.


Transformers (2007 film)

Actor: Tyrese Gibson (English), Jin Yamanoi (Japanese-language dub voice)

Sergeant Epps and the other soldiers under Captain Lennox's command were returning to SOCCENT Forward Operations Base after a mission. When Lennox revealed that he wanted to go home to see his baby daughter more than anything else, Epps joined in with the men in teasing their commander. As night fell, a mysterious MH-53 Pave Low helicopter arrived at the base, and after being surrounded by dozens of ground troops, it suddenly transformed into a giant robot which proceeded to attack the base. Epps ran and ordered the other soldiers to head to their combat stations as they were under attack. The giant robot narrowly missed crushing him as he used his digital recorder to take footage of the strange machine. Fellow soldier Figueroa saved Epps by firing a sabot round at the robot, which allowed Epps to escape. Epps linked up with the rest of Lennox's team and his ally Mahfouz and high-tailed it out of the destroyed base.

10: LEFT CHEEK! 20: GOTO 10

The next morning, the survivors discussed the previous night's events, with Epps sharing with them the images he captured, as well as theorizing that the weapons platform was generating some sort of force field. Sergeant Donnelly expressed disbelief at this. Epps then shared the unnerving feeling that as he was recording the thing, it stared right back at him, causing an ominous silence to settle among the group. Later that day, as they made their way to Mahfouz's local village, Epps spotted Scorponok coming out of the sand aimed at Lennox's back and began firing wildly into the sand. After Sergeant Donnelly was impaled and killed by the robotic scorpion, the rest of the team ran for their lives to protect the village. Lennox managed to borrow a cell phone from Akram, Mahfouz's father, and asked for Epps's wallet for a credit card to make the call. In between firing rounds from his rifle, Epps barked that it was in his back pocket, prompting Lennox to protest that he had ten back pockets. Epps loudly clarified it was his left-cheek back pocket.

Epps calling the airstrike.

When contact with the Pentagon was established, Epps coordinated with the AWAS plane to give orders for the incoming A-10 Thunderbolt IIs of Strike Package Bravo, indicating the target area was "Killbox One-Alpha" with orange flares and laser designators. As the A-10s arrived to provide air support, he gave them clearance to fire by shouting two words, "Bring it!" When their weapons completely failed to damage Scorponok, Lennox suggested the biggest weapons the Air Force has: the 105mm cannon fire from an AC-130 gunship. The resulting aerial bombardment pounded Scorponok into the ground. As the dust settled, the scorpion got up and dove underground, but not before leaving part of its damaged tail behind.

In the aftermath of combat with Scorponok, Epps and the rest of Lennox's Special Operations team were ordered home to America by Secretary of Defense John Keller, who thought that everyone at the SOCCENT base was massacred. They took the end of Scorponok's tail with them on the flight. Doing their own analysis of the piece of robot body, they discovered that its Self-regenerating molecular armor didn't regenerate where hit by sabot rounds, which Epps confirmed were "something like" a 6000-degree magnesium burn. They called the Pentagon again, telling them all gunships had to be loaded with sabot rounds to fight these robots.

Later, Epps and the team land at Nellis Air Force Base. Instead of them being debriefed on site, a person from Sector Seven grabbed one of their bags and ordered them to come with him.

Epps and the team were driven to Hoover Dam, where they stood around looking awesome in their fatigues as Sam and Mikaela, along with Madsen Whitmann, were the only people who knew about the arrival of the Autobots and Decepticons. Everyone filed inside Hoover Dam, where Sector Seven had been hiding the leader of the Decepticons and the All Spark for 80 years. Upon seeing a thick steel door with triple claw marks in it, Epps pondered whether Freddy Krueger had been up in there. Shortly thereafter, Sam got in a fight with Seymour Simmons of Sector Seven over whether or not to release Bumblebee who disguised himself as a Camaro. Lennox attempted to settle the argument by putting his sidearm to Simmons' chest, and Epps backed up his Commanding Officer in the geometrically complex standoff that ensued. When Simmons ordered them to stand down under S7 jurisdiction, Epps pointedly reminded Simmons that S7 didn't exist.

While everyone was still inside Hoover Dam, the Decepticons attacked, knocking out the power. All communications were dead as Megatron thawed out. After calling the Air Force with Morse code, the only thing that was left to do was get the All Spark to Mission City, where it could be hidden until the military arrived to retrieve it by helicopter. Epps complained that when handed a couple of very large shortwave radios, they won't be able to work more than 20 miles. His group then stopped after spotting an F-22 Raptor, which later turned out to be a disguised aerial Decepticon commander Starscream.

Later, making a defense in Mission City, Lennox and Epps ordered their air support to "bring the rain" again. While the Air Force brought it, Epps and the rest of the team, along with the Autobots, fought the Decepticon tank that resulted in almost got him killed. Luckily, Bumblebee zipped in on the back of a tow truck and saved him. Then, he helped Lennox in taking down Blackout who had killed their comrades in Qatar. Transformers

Revenge of the Fallen film

Two years after the Mission City incident, Epps has been inexplicably promoted past Master Sergeant and Senior Master Sergeant directly to Chief Master Sergeant and now serves alongside Major Lennox into a classified task force, N.E.S.T., and joined with the Autobots in fighting the Decepticons around the world.

Epps participates the battle in Shanghai against Sideways and Demolishor, where he overhears the latter's cryptic message, "The Fallen shall rise again."

During the briefing, he tries to help convince Galloway and is told that he's paid to shoot not think to which he mutters "don't tempt me" as he's very tempted to shoot Galloway. This causes Optimus Prime to tell him "easy."

He later takes part in the battle in Egypt and nearly gets killed along with Lennox when a smoke-grenade he threw didn't go far.

He is part of the team that finds and congrats Simmons and Leo for their efforts.

Dark of the Moon film

Epps has retired from the Air Force after Egypt and now consults and works with the Autobot team, Wreckers, something he refers to as his dream job as he still gets to work with the Autobots without having to get shot at. Epps tells the Wreckers off when they insult a human technician and meets up with Sam. The two are unhappy by the Autobots exile from Earth and Epps is forced to watch as the Xantium is destroyed with the Autobots apparently on it. When Sam decides to head to Chicago to rescue his girlfriend, Epps volunteers to go with him, explaining he wants revenge as the Decepticons killed his friends, too.

The two make their way to Chicago, picking up some former NEST members as backup and they were stunned by the devastation to the city. Even though Sam still wants to fight, Epps accepts defeat and refuses to enter the combat zone after telling Sam that it was over. The group is attacked by a Decepticon fighter, but they are unexpectedly saved by Optimus and the other Autobots who faked their deaths. Sam heads out with Bumblebee in the fighter to rescue Carly and Epps gives him a handgun to use.

As the fighter crashes after Sam and Bumblebee successfully rescue Carly and kill Laserbeark, Epps greets them after calling Sam crazy. Spotting a downed UAV, Epps tries to use it to communicate with NEST and is relieved when the controller moves the camera up and down, signaling that they can hear them and allowing Sam and Carly to explain the Decepticons' plot to NEST. Sam comes up with the plan to use a rocket launcher to shoot down the Control Pillar to the space bridge, and after getting boom sticks and grapple gloves from Que, the team heads out to climb a building to reach a sufficient height to fire at the control pillar.

Epps and his team climb the building, but the Decepticons start shooting it over even though Epps still orders the shot. Before Hardcore Eddie can fire, a Decepticon enters the floor they are on, forcing them to hide then run out the windows. Falling down the building, Epps comes up with the plan to shoot out the windows to another floor so they won't fall to their deaths. After one of his team members falls to his death, Shockwave spots Epps and sends his Driller to kill the team. The building falls on top of another one, allowing the group to escape to a fire escape and before the Driller can do any further damage, Optimus shows up and kills it. Escaping the building, Epps' team comes under attack by Starscream and get separated from Sam and Carly, angering Epps.

After Sam kills Starscream with a boom stick, Epps links up with Lennox and the Navy SEALs at the open bridge and tries to help open it. Thanks to Simmons and Dutch, the bridge is opened and the group makes it across.

Spotting a group of Decepticons including Shockwave and Barricade, Epps' team and Lennox's team climb another building to attack from above. Epps and his team stay at the building's lower floor and act as snipers as Lennox's team parachutes in. After Optimus shows up and finishes off the Decepticons and Shockwave, Epps and his team help him battle Sentinel Prime before Sentinel calls in Decepticon fighters to attack, forcing them to divert their attention and allowing Sentinel to flee while being pursued by Optimus.

Epps survives the battle and links up with the other humans and Autobots afterwards. Dark of the Moon



  • Desert Attack (Screen Battles, 2007)
Japanese ID number: SB-03

Poor Fig

This pack features a Deluxe Scorponok repainted with 'sand' paint applications on his body and comes with non-posable figurines of Sergeant Epps, Jorge Figueroa and Sergeant Donnelly (though he would be dead at this point). They are packaged in a special window box featuring a diorama depicting the battle at Mahfouz's village.

Revenge of the Fallen

  • Sidswipe w/ Sergeant Epps (Human Alliance, 2009)
Japanese ID number: RA-22
Sideswipe includes a Mini-Fig of Epps (with a HUGE waist), he is compatible with any Human Alliance Toy, Though He is assigned to Sideswipe.


  • In Sideswipe's toy bio, it's stated that he became good friends with Epps.
  • Epp's wife (either called Monique or Theresa) was set to appear in one scene were she and Lennox's wife try to pass an secret message to their husbands under secretary Galloway's radar, ensuing a funny banter between the two of them.[September, 2009]

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