The Roadjammers are human bounty hunters in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family

You haven't heard the last from us! ...oh, wait, you have.

The Roadjammers were a quartet of unsavory bounty hunters employed by the Z Foundation.

The Roadjammers consisted of:

  • Burn-out - A dim-witted, short-fused, facially scarred... guy.
  • Randy "Roadhog" Horton - A belligerent motorcyclist with a penchant for spiked melee weapons and destruction derbies.
  • Felix - A thinking man's bounty hunter (such as it is) with a taste for technology and a terrible smoking habit.
  • Skunge - Felix's less technologically adept partner who is nonetheless cool under pressure.


Marvel Comics continuity

Each of the Roadjammers were individually approached by the Z Foundation for the purposes of hunting down Autobots and testing on them a new weapon called a jammer. Jammers broadcast a frequency that somehow interfered with a Transformer's ability to transform, crippling it. The Roadjammers eventually discovered that the Z Foundation was a front for the Decepticons, so they struck out on their own and were never heard from again. Ca$h and Car-Nage!

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