If Transformers were humans, Roadgrabber would be that creepy kid who likes pulling the wings off flies. There's nothing he likes better than to open fire on a group of Autobots and watch them die slowly and horribly. Nothing horrifies him more than suffering injury or death himself, though, so he'll do all this from the safety of his Pretender shell. He'll only leave it to watch his victims die up-close - and even then, only when they're in too much agony to fight back.

French name (Canada): Conductas


IDW comics continuity

Stormbringer3 Roadgrabber dies


As part of a Decepticon infiltration unit on Nebulos, Roadgrabber witnessed the coming of Thunderwing. Stormbringer issue 2 As the rampaging Pretender devastated the planet, Roadgrabber accompanied his teammates to fight the monster but despite pummeling Thunderwing with their combined firepower, the Decepticons were powerless to stop him. In the course of the battle, Thunderwing hit Roadgrabber with Ruckus's corpse, sending him crashing through a building. Stormbringer issue 3


Generation One

  • Roadgrabber (Pretender Vehicle, 1988)
Roadgrabber transforms into a purple Cybertronic jet. His Pretender shell transforms from Cybertronic car to chariot; Roadgrabber can pilot both modes in robot form.

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