At first glance, Roadbuster seems a lot like his fellow Wrecker Twintwist. On the battlefield, he is always in the front ranks, leading his comrades into action. No one fights more furiously. Back at base, though, all that aggression goes away. Rather than arguing or roughhousing with the others, Roadbuster retreats into himself, becoming terse and restive. All his energy is redirected into the constant maintenance of his weapons and revision of his combat strategies. War is all Roadbuster knows, and seems to be all he has ever known. It is an open question what would become of him without it.

He combines with several of his fellow Wreckers to form Ruination.


Roadbuster died fighting during the Great War. He was first mentioned by Wheeljack in his conversation with Bulkhead. [1]


Roadbuster is a repaint/remold of Swindle. He has a new head, a new color scheme, and a new weapon. Also, Roadbuster forms the right arm of Ruination, (Unlike Swindle who forms the right leg of Bruticus).



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