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Roadbuster is a no-nonsense bot. He says what's on his mind, isn't fond of disguises, and goes about his tasks with grim determination, and never, ever gives up. Some mistake his straightforward behavior for simple-mindedness, but Roadbuster has always been a vital part to the Wreckers, developing many of the weapons, armor and body modification that kept the Autobots alive throughout the war.

"This is going to hurt! ALOT!"
―Roadbuster, about to dismember a Decepticon alive[[Dark of The Moon| [src]]]

He has sometimes used the codename AMP.


Dark of the Moon film

Voice actor: Ron Bottitta (English)
"You're gonna risk the life of all 'me mates! I'll bottle you, Ya' Nancy W***er!!!"
―Roadbuster insulting an engineer.

Roadbuster helped his comrades load up the Autobot ship Xanthium, which was designed by them. He helped Leadfoot insult a human who was helping. He, with his brothers in arms, were supposedly killed when Starscream destroys the Xantium.


The Autobots faked their deaths and come back just in time to save Sam and Epps' team from a Decepticon fighter. Optimus shot it down. As the pilot tried escaping the craft, the Wreckers drew up and ripped the pilot, still alive, limb from limb.

Later, he and the other Autobots took refuge in an abandoned building while they thought of a plan. When they did, they evacuated with cover fire from Optimus Prime and Ratchet as Devcon climbed a building and started firing down at them.

"Let's get some!"
―Roadbuster before the Wreckers attack Shockwave.

They created a diversion from Shockwave to allow the rest of the team to escape by firing every round of ammo they could at the Decepticon before leaving themselves.

He later helped free Optimus Prime from some cables he was caught in, thanked to Shockwave, and told them to hurry up because the Space Bridge had been activated.


we need to make the best of our 5 min's of screen time

He then helped NEST soldiers attack the wounded Shockwave before Optimus started his murderous rampage. Later, he and the other Wreckers took down Devcon. Topspin blasted him with all his MGs, while Roadbuster fired two rockets at the 'Con hitting him in the back. All the Wreckers then climbed on him and blasted him in the head, killing the quadrupedal Decepticon. Dark of the Moon


  • Roadbuster (Cyberverse Legion, 2011)
A Smaller scale weaponized Roadbuster figure.

yay toy

  • Roadbuster (Deluxe, 2011)
Roadbuster transforms into a green Chevrolet Impala Nascar, driven by Dale Earnhardt. The Mech-Tech gun can fit on the top. The rear bumper of the car can transform into rocket launchers. These rocket launchers are mounted on his shoulders in humanoid mode.
  • Track Battle Roadbuster (Deluxe Walmart exclusive, 2011)
An orange and white re-paint of Roadbuster.
  • Roadbuster with Sergeant Recon (Human Alliance, 2011)
Roadbuster has a weaponized alternate mode. The set included a mini-human, named Sgt Recon, who looks like a NASCAR driver. Roadbuster also has a much more accurate humanoid mode than his deluxe class figure — though he still has a blue visor.


  • Roadbuster has "sunglasses", a "baseball cap" a "goatee", and a "mullet" making him resemble a stereotypical NASCAR fan.
  • Roadbuster has a Scottish accent.
  • Roadbuster resembles Dale Earnhardt Jr., appropriate considering that he transforms into Earnhardt's car.
  • According to Josh Nizzi's concept art, Roadbuster was originally going to turn into the jeff gorden's #24 dupont impala
  • According to Josh Nizzi's concept art, Roadbuster was originally named Warpath.
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