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Roadbuster is a powerful and charismatic fighter. Usually armed to the teeth, he's an inspiration to other Autobots in combat and a natural leader on any battlefield. Outside of combat though, his natural ease and surety fail him. He simply doesn't know how to handle life out of combat. He becomes the quietest of the Autobots, grows withdrawn and depressed, and is easily bored. He counters this by spending most of his free time between battles either planning for the next one or "demolishing" any random Decepticons he can find. Some Autobots worry about what will become of the heroic and well-loved Roadbuster they know if the war ever ends. Combat truly is his life and without it, he might just fade away.

Roadbuster is a member of the elite Wreckers unit in, well, every continuity he's ever appeared in.

French name (Canada): Cahot


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Roadbuster was a rather hardened soldier, deliberately feeding false information to an Autobot who had turned informant for the Decepticons, and stood by in the shadows while Shrapnel tortured the Autobot for the info and then executed him. He also contributed to the important scene in Maccadam's Old Oil House. Target: 2006 Roadbuster meets his fate in the Time Wars, when the Decepticon Pathblaster weapon explodes in his hands, shortly after spoiling Galvatron's beautiful little face. Time Wars

Marvel UK future timelines

In the year 2510, Roadbuster joined the Wreckers on Cybertron's northern front, where they finally exterminated the last Decepticon outpost, bringing the war to an end. Later on, Rodimus Prime called an official end to the war effort, and announced his plans to pass the Matrix on to the leader of the Wreckers, Springer. The Decepticons were not totally gone, however -- a deep cover agent named Triton lived on inside the Autobot ranks. In order to stir up discord, Triton challenged Prime's decision, declaring that Ultra Magnus was a better choice to carry the Matrix. Whirl manhandled the little creep to make him pipe down, but Triton punched the Wrecker to the ground. Roadbuster raised his gun in anger, but it was the Technobot Scattershot who fired first in defense of Triton and Magnus's reputation, blowing up Roadbuster's head. This disasterous turn of events led to a new Autobot Civil War between the forces of Ultra Magnus and Springer. Peace

Dreamwave comics continuity

When Optimus Prime and Megatron went missing in a Space Bridge accident, Roadbuster was part of an elite force of Autobots known as the Wreckers who broke off as an independent faction, led by Springer. Much of their efforts were concentrated on keeping Ratbat's Ultracons contained inside Polyhex and away from the Tagan Heights, an area which contributed to a full 40% of Cybertron's manufacturing potential. They ran into more than a few difficulties with that defense protocol. The War Within: The Dark Ages

During Shockwave's rule of Cybertron, Roadbuster was a member of the new Wreckers, a small unit of Autobots under Ultra Magnus's command, dedicated to keeping the peace wherever (and however) necessary. When Starscream released the Stunticons from their imprisonment in Cybertron's detention banks, the Wreckers were sent in to deal with the escapees. Unfortunately, both Roadbuster and Whirl were heavily damaged before Magnus brought the Stunticon combined form, Menasor, down. Passive Aggression

IDW comics continuity

Stormbringer2 Roadbuster

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

Before the war, Roadbuster fulfilled his violent desires by being a member of the Kaon security services. However, while he attended mission briefings he seemed mysteriously absent from funerals and actual battles. Maybe he was actually an overly emotional pacifist back then. Megatron Origin

Many stellar cycles later, Roadbuster was operating in the elite Autobot special ops Wreckers unit. As a heavy weapons specialist, he carried more armament than an entire Decepticon Assault Group. He used this armament against the Decepticons holed up in their Siege Mode armature on the world of Varas Centralus in the Kol system. During the battle he handed Springer a comm-unit with an urgent call from Operations Command: orders from Optimus Prime himself redeploying the Wreckers to Cybertron. Stormbringer issue 2


"Why worry? Each one of us is carrying an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back."

After the Wreckers arrived on Cybertron, Roadbuster saved Nosecone and Afterburner from a group of Centurion droids, before having Whirl evacuate the two unconscious Technobots out of the area. After the Wreckers blasted their way into Bludgeon's base and very, very, very quickly defeated the cultists, Roadbuster and Whirl rescued Jetfire from where he and the other Technobots were being recycled into raw materials. Stormbringer issue 3 After Thunderwing returned to Cybertron, Roadbuster, Scoop and Broadside served as advanced scouts, watching the giant Pretender's activity. They legged it when Thunderwing unleashed a wave of destruction in memory of his failed attempts to convince Megatron and the scientific community of Cybertron to support his experimentation. As the battle was joined, Roadbuster's group tried to get Thunderwing's attention, but were blown away by a thunderous clap of his giant hands. Stormbringer issue 4

Roadbuster survived and continued on with the Wreckers for some time. He helped Kup and Springer liberate his fellow Wreckers and other Autobots from a Decepticon cruiser, and shortly afterwards was involved in a fight against Bludgeon's forces. Once crashed on Cybertron, Roadbuster was promoted to the enviable position of Kup's personal jeep, probably the high point of his life. Though it may have been good to be home Roadbuster gets bored very easily.... until you give him a converted battlecruiser cannon as a rifle. It really needed a name.

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Generation One

G1Roadbuster toy

I ain't afraid of no road!

  • Roadbuster (Deluxe Autobot, 1986)
    • Accessories: Laser rifle, Linear Blaster Gun, Shrapnel Missile Launcher, 5 missiles, Control Pack (with 2 Handles), power pack, antenna, Infrared Range Finder, large wheel covers (left & right), small wheel covers (left & right)
Roadbuster transforms into an orange and green cybertronic jeep armed with a large gun. In robot mode he can hold the jeep's gun, and also has another rifle resembling a real world M16 rifle, and a shoulder-mounted missile launcher. He also wears a large backpack that has a very tall antenna and two articulated handlebars slung beneath his arms. Oh, and mustn't forget the snap-on armor plating that hides the jeep's tires.
For a toy of his size class, Roadbuster has an enormous number of accessories, of which the rangefinder for the jeep's gun may well be the smallest ever produced for any Transformer. Finding a loose complete Roadbuster can be very challenging—are you sure all the spare missiles are there? Better count again!

Universe (2008)

Universe comicpack Roadbuster toy

I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us.

  • Autobot Ambush (Voyager Deluxe Comic 2-Pack, 2008)
    • Accessories: Combat dagger, Cyber key
A Target exclusive (Zellers in Canada) redeco of Cybertron Cybertron Defense Hot Shot, Roadbuster transforms into a modified M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle, in the same green, orange, and brown color scheme as the previous Roadbuster. When a Cyber Key is inserted into the back of the turret, the two gun barrels open up into dual (non-firing) missile launchers. Compartments on his shoulders and his thighs can also open up to reveal additional missile launchers, while the front bumper halves flip outward to reveal machineguns. Roadbuster also comes with a dagger that stows between his legs in vehicle mode, and when in robot mode, the dagger can be hand-held, peg into the front of his fist, or be put away in a sheath on his leg.
He is packed with Dirge (a redeco of the Voyager-class Cybertron Starscream) and a reprint of Target 2006 issue 5.
This mold was also used to make BotCon 2007 Springer.


  • Both Roadbuster and Whirl, the Deluxe Autobots, were licensed from Takatoku by Hasbro for inclusion in the 1985 line, and hence were not included in the Japanese line, the Cartoon, or the US Marvel Comics. Roadbuster was originally "Mugen Calibur" from the Dorvack toyline.
  • Any similarities between Roadbuster and a certain Master Chief are purely coincidental. Also, at no time must anyone refer to Roadbuster's alt mode as a "Warthog". I'm just sayin', is all. Master Chief is an obvious Beta Ray Bill ripoff, anyway.
  • What is simultaneously hilarious and sad is that although Roadbuster is listed as a "Ground Assault Commander" in his tech specs, he serves as an underling or even cannon fodder in every continuity he's appeared in.
  • Animated Ultra Magnus's Leader class figure is redecoed with Roadbuster's color scheme into Roadbuster Ultra Magnus.

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