Adventure Roadblock Package art

Roadblock (ロードブロック Rōdoburokku) is a powerful Decepticon fighter who typically teams up with Greejeeber on missions, but why they do so is anyone's guess. The pair really don't work well together, as Roadblock is slow both physically and mentally, which quickly gets on Greejeeber's nerves.

He's backed up by his tiny partner Targetmaster, though frankly those two don't get along either, Roadblock seeing the diminutive blaster-bot as a lesser life-form.



  • Roadblock (Deluxe, 2015-03-21)
    • ID number: TAV 07
    • Accessories: Targetmaster
Part of the initial wave of Adventure product, Roadblock is a redeco of Generations Autobot Scoop in Constructicon colors, transforming into a payloader. He comes with his partner, Targetmaster, who transforms into his gun. Targetmaster can be hand-held or mounted on any of the 5mm holes on Roadblock's armor.
Although the original Scoop sculpt came with two Targetmaster partners, Roadblock only has one. The most likely explanation for this is that the other figure (Holepunch) was mostly cast in a plastic color not shared by Scoop himself or the other figure, thus making it easy to omit the figure (for, say, budget reasons) without ending up with lots of excess plastic parts.
His scannable insignia is on the top of his scoop bucket. Scanning the sticker unlocks Roadblock in the Transformers Chronicle checklist app. In-package, his badge was (somehow) possible to be scanned, but this was restricted by a dummy sticker.
This mold got its other Targetmaster partner back when it was redecoed into BotCon 2015 Sgt. Hound.
He's a repaint of Scoop in Constructicon colors. Foreshadowing?


  • Roadblock's package art and stock photos depict him with his nose in green, so as to more closely match the Aligned cartoon aesthetic of 'helmet noses', but the final figure paints it silver like the rest of his face.
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