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Road Rocket is an Autobot from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Road Rocket is quite literally a hot-headed young punk, ready, willing and able to burn up the pavement as he races into battle. When doing this, Road Rocket is constantly pushing his triple-turbo engine to its very limits, putting off so much heat that it glows and he needs to drink a cocktail of oil and anti-freeze to cool off. Road Rocket wields a light saber weapon which can dissolve Decepticon armor faster than ice cream melts on a summertime sidewalk.

French name: Motard (Biker)
Italian name: Goblin


Japanese G2 minicomics

After the Cybertron Alliance failed, Road Rocket was one of the new warriors assembled by Optimus Prime to fight back against Megatron. An effective warrior, he was also a loner by nature and frequently acted without consulting his fellow Autobots, getting him into trouble. Still, he was shown with Optimus Prime and the Laser Rods as having survived the final battle with Megatron, Dreadwing and the Decepticons.

Robot Masters online mini-comics

Road Rocket joined Optimus Prime and Optimus Primal in exploring a crevasse filled with Solitarium crystals. However, they were ambushed from above by Beast Megatron and Sideways, who detonated the crystals around the Autobots.

Fortunately, Primal managed to shield the three from the explosion with a huge slab of rock, but they were unable to prevent the Decepticons from making off with a huge load of Solitarium.

IDW comics continuity

SpotlightGalvatron Roadrocket model

Once auditioned for the job of being Captain America's motorcycle.

Road Rocket was a part of Hound's Tactical Response Unit, stationed at Thunderhead Pass to guard the remains of Thunderwing. He was witness to Hound's dressing down of Sideswipe. Later he was part of the team responding to the murder of Leadfoot and the attack on Sideswipe by an unknown Transformer. After an unsuccessful attempt to contain the attacker, he and most of the other members of his team were knocked offline, but their lives were spared by mysterious being in a strange act of mercy. Spotlight: Galvatron

Later, Optimus Prime informed Hound that his unit should make preparations to come to Earth as reinforcements. Devastation issue 1 However, due to the extraction of prisoners from Garrus-9, Hound's unit, including Road Rocket was diverted there instead. Devastation issue 6

On the way, their ship, the Ark-12 was attacked by Cyclonus and Road Rocket reported on the ship's damage. He joined the landing party and helped attack Cyclonus on the surface of Corata-Vaz. He appeared to have been hit with one of Cyclonus' missiles. Spotlight: Cyclonus

Road Rocket survived the encounter with Cyclonus and next fought alongside the Wreckers as they attempted to get past Thunderwing, who had been activated by Cyclonus to guard the Nega-Core that was positioned inside a cave on Corata-Vaz. Spotlight: Hardhead


Generation 2

  • Road Rocket (Laser Cycle, 1995)
Japanese ID number: TRF-12
G2 Roadrocket toy

If Scooter was AWESOME.

Road Rocket transforms into a red and blue Yamaha GTS1000 motorcycle. One of the two Laser Cycles released in the tail end of Generation 2, Road Rocket has a light-up gimmick and articulation similar to the Laser Rods'. Pressing a button will light an LED, making the clear plastic of its arm-mounted weapon illuminate.
This mold was also used for Robots in Disguise Sideways. It was planned for use in Generation 2 as Jazz, but that toy never saw release.

Robot Masters

  • Road Rocket (Robot Master, 2004)
Japanese ID number: RM-18
Road Rocket's Robot Masters toy is a redeco of his first, largely in yellow and black. It retains the LED functionality of the original release.

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