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Road Rage is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.

Road Rage (ロードレイジ Rōdo Reiji?) is the bodyguard/advisor of Cybertron ambassador Crosscut. She is well-versed in alien cultures and is generally cheerful, making her a very good diplomat. However, a chronic short-out in her vehicle mode causes her to live up to her name; in car mode, she is a snarling, swerving speed machine with little regard —if not utter contempt— for anyone else on the road with her. This is pretty embarrassing for her once she reverts to robot mode.


Generation One

  • Road Rage (Autobot, 2002)
    • Japanese ID number: 94
    • Accessories: Left & right "magnabomb launchers", launcher base, "plasma discharger" rifle, 4 "magnabomb" missiles
Road Rage is a redeco of the original Tracks toy, transforming into a Corvette Stingray sports car. She also has a third "flight" mode with swing-out wings and add-on thruster-pack/missile launchers. As a Japanese release, her spring-loaded missile launchers are fully-functional. She was available only as an e-Hobby exclusive sold in a set with Crosscut.


MP-26 Road Rage is a Redeco of Tracks with a different head.


  • Road Rage and Crosscut are notable for being the first "new" additions to the Generation One-era cast of characters after the original line ended since the short-lived Machine Wars series. This also started the general trend toward e-Hobby releases being new characters rather than old characters in new colors.
  • Her coloration is based on the original pre-Transformers Diaclone version of the mold. This mold in these colors was also available as Tracks under the Transformers brand in some European markets in 1985.

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