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Road King is a ground defense and communications soldier armed with a pin-hole rifle. In F-1 mode he can travel at speeds up to Mach 9.5. He is also a first-rate mechanic. He has a "big city" personality, and as such can be very loud. There are times when he argues with Ranger, but they have a generally good relationship, usually ending their arguments with a joke.

Italian Tv dub name: Ghibli



Masterforce cartoon

Voice actor: Kaneto Shiozawa (Japan)

Road King, the "British Wolf," is the reigning champ of the European Rouen Racing Circuit. He comes to the attention of the Autobots when his car repairs itself after a crash. He is given a pair of Master Braces and combines with his car to become the fourth Godmaster. At Full Strength! The Four Godmaster Gunmen

Masterforce manga

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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Zone OVA

Road King was seen among other high-ranking Autobots (such as Road Caesar, Landcross, Grand Maximus, Lander, and the other Autobot Godmasters) when Dai Atlas is sworn-in by Victory Saber as the new Supreme Commander of the Autobot forces.


Generation One

  • Road King (Autobot Godmaster, 1988)
    • Japanese ID number: C-306
    • Accessories: Godmaster transtector, "Pin-hole rifle", spoiler, engine block

G1 Slapdash toy.jpg

Road King transforms from an armored human into an engine that can plug into any Godmaster/Powermaster toy's engine socket. His larger Transtector transforms into a yellow Formula-1-styled race car with blue highlights. Like all Godmasters, the Transtector is "locked" in its vehicle form until a Godmaster figure is inserted into the engine socket (or until you push down the relevant buttons in said socket), which revealed by removing a large yellow engine block cover on the rear of his car mode.
Road King was sold in the West as Lube and Slapdash. The Godmaster figure portion of the set was redecoed to make Bullet.

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