Road Fire is an Autobot Powered Master from the Zone portion of the Generation One continuity family.


Road Fire is usually what one would call a "gentle giant". Despite his enormous size, strength and skill, he remains friendly and good-natured to all around him. Until the fighting starts. Once battle breaks out, so does a much more hardened Road Fire, willing to go all-out to defeat any enemy and fight to the bitter end.

He can combine with Dai Atlas to form Land Powered or with Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber to form Big Powered.


Zone story pages

When Metrotitan arrived with a new freezing weapon to finish off the Zone Base once and for all, Road Fire appeared from nowhere and used his "fire power" to negate the freezing effect and turn back the Decepticon warrior. Joining with his fellow Powered Masters, Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber, Road Fire fought to protect the Zodiac energy from evil. When the evil emperor Violen Jygar stole the Zodiac from the Autobots, Road Fire combined with the other Masters for the first time to form the Big Powered Combination, and took off after the villain. The Powered Masters split back into their separate components when Violen Jygar broke himself into three insectoid forms. Road Fire defeated the emperor's Lenja third before Violen Jygar and the Autobots each recombined into their ultimate forms for the final battle. After channeling the Zodiac energy through their Big Powered form to destroy the Decepticon emperor, the Powered Masters then used the remaining energy to transform the Tenth Planet in the solar system into a new paradise for man and machine to live in harmony on.



  • Road Fire (Powered Master, 1990)
    • Japanese ID number: C-349
    • Accessories: "Burst cannon", container/launcher

You'll never own me.

Road Fire transforms into a Cybertronic tank. His front-end "container" is a launching mechanism for Micromasters, opening wide on a spring then pushing them out via spring-loaded ramp. He has a partial auto-transform, a geared pressure-release mechanism that moves his thrusters/legs up to form his third "tower" mode, and from there it's a quick conversion to robot. He can combine with fellow Powered Masters Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber as a triple-base, or as the rear section of the Big Powered super-vehicle. He is also compatible with Micromaster base-ramps.
He came with his Micromaster partner Drillbuster.
  • Big Powered (Multi-pack, 1990)
    • Japanese ID number: C-353
All three Powered Masters were also available in a huge multi-pack.


  • Road Fire was seemingly a late addition to the line; the first image of him in the Zone catalogue is actually concept art that was significantly different from the final product. Since he was the last toy of Zone, a line put out at a time when interest in Transformers was severely waning in Japan, Road Fire is considerably harder to come across than Dai Atlas or Sonic Bomber, and commands a fair bit more on the secondary market than those two.
  • The Big Powered multi-pack with Road Fire? Oh yeah, that goes for beaucoup bucks.

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