Constructobots smoking

Mixmaster and Scrapper after the "All-Night All-You-Can-Eat Jalapeño Buffet."

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Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

[[../Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes

Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

[[../Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes

Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes Rise of the Constructicons/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

Bulkhead befriends a pair of construction vehicles brought to life by AllSpark energy. But the Decepticons have their scanners set on the duo for their latest construction project.

Japanese title: "Scrapper and Mixmaster" (スクラッパーとミックスマスター Scrapper to Mixmaster)
German title: "Bulkheads neue Freunde" ("Bulkhead's New Friends")


The Autobots once again must aid in the restoration of the increasingly disaster-prone city of Detroit. There is an odd amount of balking, considering they're a space bridge repair crew, but Optimus Prime reminds them that a fair amount of the destruction is indeed their fault. These musings are cut short by Bumblebee spotting the other party to Detroit's deterioration, the Decepticons. Blitzwing and Lugnut are scurrying by in a most undignified manner, carrying construction supplies for Megatron. A combined effort by Bumblebee and Ratchet manages to knock the two Decepticons skidplate-over-processing unit, but they still manage to flee with a much smaller portion of the supplies. The Autobots are prevented from giving chase by the cracking of a bridge support, which they then repair. At the end of the day, the Autobots are ready to head home. Bulkhead tells Optimus Prime he'll catch up, to mask the fact that he's accidentally adhered his feet to the ground with cement.


Whoa! Some fanboys is sleepin' easy tonight.

Meanwhile, across town, two construction vehicles are seen with AllSpark fragments embedded in them. The two fragments activate, and the machines gain sentience. After a brief debate over naming, they discover their new ability to turn into giant robots. This does not faze them in the slightest, and soon they chase off after a highly attractive sports car.

Bulkhead Binoculars

"Now where exactly is this bird I'm supposed to be flipping?"

Thanks to the use of expired fixative, Bulkhead's attempts at mixing more cement prove explosive, knocking him out and nearly getting him skewered by iron girders. He also had trouble converting Standard Cybertronian Units to parts (or is it the other way around?). Thankfully, the newly minted Constructobots spot this and save his skidplate. They then help the lumbering Autobot to do the job right (making sure he doesn't leave the fixative lying around, either) and then take him off to a tanker for an oil break. Though Bulkhead is quite pleased with the oil he is served, he soon voices misgivings as to whether they ought to be doing this. Asked by the Constructobots whether he's going to act like a little yellow compact, he remembers his friends back at the base and invites his new acquaintances back to meet them.

Rise Constructicons Sari no pigtails

Relax, Sari, they'll have grown back by next week's episode.

At the base, the Autobots are not impressed with the crass pair. Loudly carousing to the point that even Ratchet thinks they're a bit rude, they soon wake up Sari. Wondering what all the commotion is, the poor girl gets her pigtails amputated by a game of smashed-oil-barrel frisbee. This is the last straw for Optimus Prime, who kicks the two paisanos out on their keisters.

The next day, Blitzwing and Lugnut are once again hauling heavy construction materials, this time Laurel and Hardy style up a steep hill. Blitzwing's footing slips, and he is nearly offlined by the heavy trailer that sends him careening towards a wall. Bracing for an impact that never comes, he is startled to find Mixmaster and Scrapper have saved him. Immediately, he asks them who and what they are. At first, the jovial pair answer that they are Autobots, but as this is met with some static, they quickly amend it to Constructobots. Blitzwing sees an opportunity in the pair's brawn, and as police sirens approach, he convinces them to help haul the load. Lugnut objects, worried about Megatron's reaction. Blitzwing reassures him, sotto voce, that they will offline the two goombahs immediately after the work is done. Lugnut is all for this plan, and once the goods are delivered, he charges up his signature punch while Blitzwing distracts the pair. However, Megatron arrives and gives Lugnut an awful case of punchus interruptus.

Megatron invites the Constructobots into the Decepticon inner sanctum, which they would find to be quite commodious if they knew the meaning of the word. Once there, they express how cute Megatron's pet is, and the interstellar warlord shows them the schematics he stole from the Autobots' ship for the building of a space bridge. His hunch turns out to be correct when he finds that the Constructobots display an intuitive knack for grasping construction projects, and they tell him that the supplies he's been gathering will be insufficient to the task. Megatron grins as they reveal to him that they know exactly what is needed and where to get it.

The following morning, Bulkhead goes looking for his wayward friends. He finds them, pursued by Sumdac Systems police robots after a daring heist of construction supplies. Stepping in and generally making a mess of the pursuers, he asks Mixmaster and Scrapper what they're up to. After being told that they stole these materials, he becomes irate because he thought they were so helpful before. They tell him they still are, they're just helping other bots. Becoming suspicious, Bulkhead presses them further and finds out they're working for Blitzwing and Lugnut. The large Autobot tries to convince them that the Decepticons are bad news, but is less than effective. The Constructobots think the Decepticons are just regular fellas and that Megatron is a laugh riot. Bulkhead grows still angrier, saying that Megatron is the worst of the bunch and was only tricking them. This finally clicks in their heads, and they drop what they're doing—on Bulkhead—and tear off down the road to take up their grievances with Megatron. Covered in girders, Bulkhead is unable to pursue.

Rise Constructicons Megatron what

I'm not a heartless mass murderer. I give all my victims their choice of execution method.

Upon discovering the Constructobots pounding on the steel door of the mine, Megatron is a bit less genial in tolerating their antics. Picking them up by their collars, he slams them against the mountainside and demands to know what they're doing. They explain that they want a piece of him because Bulkhead told them that Decepticons are the scum of the universe and that he'd tricked them. Megatron softens his demeanor and tells a tragic tale of Autobot oppression and the Decepticons being driven from their homeworld by these cruel tyrants. The Constructobots only understand about every third word of what he says, so he submits it would be a little easier to understand over a barrel of oil. Once inside, Mixmaster and Scrapper are quite impressed by the potency of the oil they're offered, which Megatron reveals to be his "special blend". Suitably placated, they listen to his pitch in which he stresses that as Constructobots, they can spend their lives fixing highway bridges, but as Constructicons, they can build space bridges and be the heroes of millions of Cybertronians.


So tell me, fellas, Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp?

Back at the auto assembly plant, Bulkhead is relaying his latest encounter with the Constructobots to his fellow Autobots. This doesn't go over well, so he attempts to convince Optimus Prime that his friends were actually angry at the Decepticons and that there's nothing to worry about, as afterwards they can lead the Autobots to the Decepticon base. Ratchet, however, worries that they'll do the exact opposite. Right on cue, Scrapper and Mixmaster arrive. Bulkhead is initially hopeful, as they are still his friends. The two bots agree with him, but business is business, and Megatron has better oil. Thus they say that they won't fight anyone, so long as they can pick up the fragments of the AllSpark and be on their way. Optimus Prime objects, and the Constructicons announce that they're sick and tired of the little dipstick and knock him over. A fight ensues, in which the industrial chassis of the Constructicons prove fairly impervious to most of what the Autobots can dish out. Bumblebee is taken hostage and ransomed for the AllSpark fragments. Optimus attempts to stall, but Bulkhead hands them over. As all the Autobots look on in disbelief, he encourages his old friends to have "one for the road." They partake in the offered oil and depart.

The Autobots give chase, berating Bulkhead for trusting them. The large Autobot, however, states simply that the Constructicons aren't going anywhere. His plan is revealed as Mixmaster and Scrapper start to slow down, emitting smoke and having increasing trouble running. Soon, there is an explosion, and the AllSpark fragments' container lands at Bulkhead's feet. He had tainted the oil with the expired chemicals from his earlier botched repair job. Bulkhead confronts his former friends, but the blast has scrambled their memory. Confused and frightened, they haul tail out of there. The not-so-gentle giant is disappointed, but Optimus reminds him that even if they've lost their memories, they still have a choice not to serve Megatron.


Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


[changes into Random Blitzwing and finds a plate of sheet metal]
Random Blitwing: Oooh! Oh, wait! Ve've already got some!
—Ah, good ol' Blitzwing.

[Scrapper bangs his shovel into Mixmaster]
Mixmaster: Hey, watch where you're pointing that thing, shovel-head!
Scrapper: Who you calling "shovel-head", cement-breath?!
Mixmaster: My name ain't "cement-breath", okay? It''s...uh...
Scrapper: Your little name tag says "Mixmaster".
Mixmaster: Nah, that's too long. Just call me "Mix".
Scrapper: All right, you got it, Mix. And you can call me...
[Sees a sign that says "SCRAP"]
Scrapper: ...Scrap.
Mixmaster: All right, that's too short. How 'bout "Scrapper"?
Scrapper: I like it.

—The Constructicons come to life and name themselves. They had an easier time than Wreck-Gar.

"Where did Bulkhead find these two?"
"I've got a feeling it wasn't charm school".

—Colour Prowl and Ratchet unimpressed.

"Hey, those don't grow back overnight!"

Sari gets her pigtails—and nearly her head—sliced off by Bulkhead with the oil-barrel frisbee in the factory. Naturally they're back next time we see her...

[Blitzwing and Lugnut are pushing heavy supplies up a hill]
Icy Blitzwing: Ever notice zat vhenever zere's hard work, Megatron's not around?
Lugnut: Bite your speech synthesizer! Megatron will take us to new heights of glory!
[Blitzwing is nearly crushed under the supplies he is carrying when Mixmaster saves him]
Mixmaster: You okay, bro?
Hothead Blitzwing: DO I LOOK OKAY?!
Random Blitzwing: Or do zese wing struts make me look fat?

—Blitzwing focuses on the important stuff.

Lugnut: What in the name of Megatron are you two?
Scrapper: I dunno, Autobots, maybe?
Hothead Blitzwing and Lugnut: AUTOBOTS!

—Scrapper's carelessness with his words almost causes him and Mixmaster to be blasted into oblivion.

[Lugnut charges his "power punch" and sneaks up behind the Constructicons]
Megatron: "Wait."
[Lugnut loses his balance and stumbles into the mine, causing his punch to backfire on him]
Lugnut: "I'm okay..."

—Ah, good ol' Lugnut.

Mixmaster: "You tricked us! You Decepticons are the scum o' the universe!"
Megatron: "...Whaaat? Who told you that?"
Scrapper: "Our friend Bulkhead."
Megatron: "And you believed him?"
Mixmaster: "Well, sure, he's our friend."
Megatron: "And did your friend tell you how his Autobot kind have oppressed us? Driven us from our rightful home? Oh, they may come across as complete imbeciles, but Autobots are cunning, ruthless, unforgiving."
Mixmaster: "Okay, like, this is too confusin' for me."
Megatron: "Then why don't I explain everything over a few barrels of oil?"
Mixmaster and Scrapper: [faces light up] "Oil?!"

—Seduction of the stupid.

"The Autobots' oil tastes like water next to this stuff!"
"It's my private blend."

Mixmaster discovers that Megatron's an oil connoisseur.

"Why be Constructobots when you can be constructicons? You would be heroes, statues would be erected in your honor. You could even erect the statues yourself.

—Erecting statues? Why not have him do it?

Bulkhead: But...I thought we were friends.
Mixmaster: We are friends, Bulky, that's why we ain't gonna hurt you, okay? Long as you hand over whatever bits you got of did he call it again?
Scrapper: Uh, SparkAll? AllSpark, AllSpark.
Optimus: Over my offline body!
Mixmaster: Aghh—you know what? I have had enough of this dipstick-in-the-mud!
[Mixmaster shoves Prime back]
Bumblebee: Hey! He's our dipstick!
Ratchet: And nobody pushes him around!

—The Autobots defend the honor of their Prime...and fail miserably.


Animation and/or technical glitches


Who's bad?


Mmmmmmm! Hmmmmmmmmmm!!

  • When Ratchet tells Bumblebee to "vamoose" (around 1:30), Bumblebee has a red Decepticon insignia. Goldbug in disguise?
  • When Bulkhead frees his foot from the cement, his jaw appears out of alignment, then realigns itself.
  • When Bulkhead is jumping at the idea of Mix and Scrapper meeting the Autobots, Scrapper's left arm clips through his body, then the forearm briefly vanishes before his arm reappears in the correct place.
  • As Megatron explains the Autobots' "cunning" to Mixmaster and Scrapper, the white outline around his insignia is not complete (either that or it's part of a shadow).
  • After the Constructicons flee, the road Bulkhead smashed up is in perfect condition.
  • When Blitzwing's crazy face says "Oh wait, we've already got some" his mouth changes to a circle but he usually always keeps a jagged pumpkin mouth.

Continuity errors

Transformers references

  • The two surveyors on top of the bridge are decked out in blue jeans, white shirts, tan jackets and yellow hard hats and boots, just like a disproportionate amount of humans from the Generation One cartoon.
  • A construction crane which appears in a few scenes early in the episode is colored in the traditional Constructicon green-and-purple. Purple and green excavation vehicles were previously seen in "Nature Calls", and yet the Animated Constructicons themselves are yellow and grey, which might be an homage to the Generation 2 Constructicon toys.
  • Constructicons cheating an Autobot has happened once before.
  • Bulkhead said the word "Ass". This is not the first time an adult swear is said in a children's show.

Real-world references

  • The Constructicons often hit on cars (which could be the equivalent for them to female 'bots...or something), just like real cartoon construction workers with passing women.
  • The Constructicons beep as they back up.
  • The whole plot seems to be pretty thoroughly cribbed from every after-school special on the dangers of peer pressure ever...except with giant robots, attempted murder, extortion, and a plot to overthrow one

interstellar empire and reestablish another.

  • While the "working-class" Constructicons drink their oil out of "pint glasses" or straight out of the can/barrel, the "upper-class" Megatron prefers to twist his barrels into "goblets".
  • Mixmaster and Scrapper have a very loose resemblance to Mario and Luigi (respectively), mostly in build. Their vaguely Italian-American accents are more native New Yorker than the plumbers' immigrant accents, though.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Blitzwing says he will pound the Autobots into sheet metal, but with his accent Sheet Metal sounds like something else.
  • This episode first aired in Dubai, around two weeks before its English-language broadcast premiere in Canada.
  • The Constructicons first start off as Constructobots, a portmanteau of "construction" and "Autobot", but later Megatron gives them a new name, formed from "construction" and "Decepticon" instead.
  • Even assuming the Constructicons don't drink anything off-screen, they still consume what looks like half their weight in oil over the course of the episode. Where does it go?
  • Bumblebee receives a detailed transformation sequence for his stingers...which becomes extremely anticlimactic when his attacks just bounce off Lugnut seconds later. Likewise, Prowl commences his attack against Scrapper with a sequence showing him deploying his throwing stars, but he has better success hand-to-hand, after the stars ricochet harmlessly.
  • Assuming oil prices didn't somehow decrease by the twenty-second century, the "snack" the Constructicons took was worth several hundred dollars. Shouldn't the world be out of oil by then, anyway? Then again, Mixmaster mentions that the oil isn't "synthetic junk", so it implies that a way of producing artificial oil has been invented.
  • Professor Sumdac appears, but does not speak.
  • The Constructicons refuse to fight anyone, are they French or...
  • When Mix is telling Megatron that the supplies for the bridge are insufficient, he appears to pull up his "belt". So... does that mean he's a Transformer wearing pants?
    • It's even worse than that, numerous times in the episode when viewed from behind you can see the Constructicons' "butt-crack". Ewww.
  • Insert numerous Bob The Builder jokes here.
  • Somehow Mixmaster believes his name is too long and shortens it to "Mix". However, he thinks Scrap is too short.
  • Blitzwing tells the Constucticons that if they haul the heavy supplies, they can come home with the Decepticons. When Lugnut argues, Blitzwing tells him that the Constructicons will do their heavy lifting, then the Decepticons will take them offline. This is the most evil and diabolical plan Blitzwing ever mentioned to come up with.
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