"Mess with Ripraw... and you get the air horn!"

Ripraw is an Autobot member of the Arclight crew.


Transformers: Universe

He may spend a lot of his downtime pumping iron and posing, but no Autobot could accuse Ripraw of slacking off when it comes to trashing Decepticons. This hulking warrior rolls into the battlefield like a supercharged meteor, a mass of shiny chrome and flame decals, and lobs the enemy around like dumb bells. And when it’s all over, Ripraw will happily skip the debriefing and roll on out to the pose.


Ripraw was among the Autobots who were on board the Arclight when it was shot down over Central City. He survived the crash and proceeded to take part in a series of battles against the Decepticons who had come to Earth aboard the Leviathan.


  • His in-game Weapons are the Maxima Missile Launcher, Galactic Axe, and Vice Heavy Grenade Launcher. His racing truck alt-mode also comes equipped with shield-damaging multi-grenades.
  • His in-game abilities are:
    • Heat Vents — vents heat (duh) resulting in nearby enemies sustaining lingering damage and making the grenade launcher's shells leave lingering damage on targets.
    • Dynametal Flex — Ripraw "tenses the dynametal fibers of his superstructure". While he can't move, he does more damage and takes less damage.
    • Support Strikes — increases the firing rate of the grenade launcher, and also its shells create a field of positively-charged energon with beneficial effects to Ripraw and his allies.
  • His active subsystem is "Silver Stamina", which increases the duration of any buff he has when he delivers a critical hit to an enemy.
  • Ripraw is one of the six Founders Pack exclusive characters for Transformers Universe.
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