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Rippersnapper has a massive inferiority complex; so he takes it out on just about everything else he deems inferior: animals, Autobots, people, Autobots, and quite frequently Autobots. Ultimately though, all these inferior traits he finds in others are just reflections of the traits he finds inferior in himself. He especially hates the odor of carbon-based lifeforms, so that means he just hates the smell of himself?

You kids and your psychoanalyzing.

Rippersnapper can combine with the other Terrorcons to form Abominus.

French name (Canada): Étranglo
Italian name: Battlebot
Hungarian name: Metélő


American cartoon continuity

The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Jim Cummings (US), Kenyū Horiuchi (Japan)

Kup keeps yelling at him to get off the lawn.

Rippersnapper was first spotted with his fellow Terrorcons inside Unicron's head. Galvatron used them to blast into Unicron so he could retrieve more anti-electrons for an attack against the Autobots. Rippersnapper and his consorts did a decent job in keeping the Autobots at bay, but were quickly forced into retreating when Grimlock finished building the Technobots, and gave them the ability to merge into Computron. Grimlock's New Brain

Later on, the Terrorcons were seen under the service of the Quintessons. When Dirk Manus and his Technobot escorts were on their way through space, Abominus swooped down and attacked, shooting them from the sky. The automatic timer in Abominus, placed within by the Quintessons, forced Abominus to separate into his Terrorcon compenments. The team was upset they couldn't finish the task of destroying the Autobots, and Rippersnapper was quick to show the most hostility, not wanting to stop now. Unable to indulge their violent impulses against the world as a group, most of the Terrorcons started fighting each other. Money is Everything

Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

RRRrrrippersnapper and the Terrorcons came to Nebulos with Scorponok in search of Fortress Maximus and his band. They got involved in local acts of destruction, targeting the resort of Splendora along with the Horrorcons. While the other Terrorcons were having fun, Rippersnapper seemed more serious than the others: dedicated to proving how powerful they were to the Nebulans, and disgusted at the idea of organic life instead of mechanical. The Decepticons were soon driven off by Computron and the Autobot Headmasters, though. Love and Steel! Later, Rippersnapper joined Scorponok and the Terrorcons in confronting the Autobot Targetmasters at Nebulos's Nursery. Interestingly, Rippersnapper was the only Terrorcon waiting around in his beast mode when Zarak came calling on the Terrorcons for the mission. At the Nursery, Rippersnapper lobbed several missiles towards the Autobots, only to cause serious damage to the botanical gardens instead. Seeing the building they came to protect being destroyed, the Autobots fled rather than risk causing further damage. Brothers in Armor!

When the Decepticon Civil War broke out, Rippersnapper and the rest of Scorponok's crew followed Horri-Bull into battle with Ratbat's forces. He was seen fighting Octane in single combat. Cold War! Shortly thereafter, Rippersnapper and the Terrorcons died while fighting the Underbase-powered Starscream in Buenos Aires. Dark Star!

Marvel UK future timelines

In 2009, an apocalyptic time storm was raging through space while Rippersnapper and the Terrorcons were working with Soundwave on Earth to extract energy from the planet's core. Bored with the construction process, Rippersnapper and the others went out to play among the humans, taking advantage of the fear and doomsday warnings spreading through the populace. He may have even squished a sidewalk preacher! Anyway, Hun-Grrr came to collect his minions and they returned to the extraction site, only to be attacked by the Autobots. Rippersnapper left for cover, but that only left the Autobots with a clear shot at their true target: the laser bore. Soundwave and the Terrorcons tracked the Autobots back to their trans-time dimensional portal, and were briefly involved in the Time Wars of 1989 before returning to the future. Time Wars

IDW comics continuity

SpotlightSixshot Terrorcons WhoUs

No, the other five guys on the dead, abandoned planet.

Rippersnapper was a fan of Sixshot. He and the other Terrorcons were deployed to Mumu-Obscura, but were taken prisoner by the Reapers to lure Sixshot to the planet. The Reapers offered membership to their little club so long as Sixshot destroyed the Terrorcons, to which Rippersnapper reacted with shock. After Sixshot declined the invitation, the Reapers allowed the Decepticons to leave in peace. Spotlight: Sixshot


Generation One

  • Rippersnapper (Terrorcon, 1987)
    • Team ID number: TR1
    • Japanese ID number: D-80
    • Accessories: "Cyclone Gun", "Twin Missile Launcher"
G1Rippersnapper toy

Jabberjaw's fate after the Neptunes split up.

Rippersnapper transforms into a weird upright bipedal shark creature. His finned twin missile launcher weapon mounts on his back in this mode. He can form the leg or arm of any Scramble City-type combiner, though he is nominally Abominus' left arm. He can also attach to Metroplex' robot mode.
There is a variant of Rippersnapper which does not have the rubsign indent.
  • Abominus (1987)
    • Japanese ID number: D-84
Rippersnapper was also available in a giftset with the rest of the Terrorcons.

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