This article is about the little boy from Headmasters. For the little boy from Zone, see Kain.

Cain is a human in the Headmasters portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

There's always a preternatural human boy running around these planets with his alien chums. Always.

Cain (ケイン, ke-i-n) is a human boy who fights alongside the Autobot-aligned Beastformers on the planet Beest. The Decepticons killed his family when he was very young and left him stranded on Beest. He joined up with White Leo and became a talented jungle warrior.

(Note: Cain's name can be romanized as "Cain", "Kane", "Kaine", "Cane", "Kayne" and "Granola Bar".)


Great Decisive Battle of Planet Beest manga


Bam! Bam!

When the Decepticons joined forces with their Beastformer compatriots on Beest once again, the good Beastformers sent an SOS to the Autobots for assistance. Shortly after arriving, Chromedome met up with Cain, a young human boy fighting alongside the good Beastformers.

Cain helped Chromedome and the others untangle themselves from some killer vines. Cain joined with his commander White Leo and aided the Autobots in defeating Alligatoron and the Decepticons.

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